5 top tips to clear that writers block.

5 top tips to clear that writers block.

Do you ever just sit down to write something, and then realise half way through that you have no idea what you are actually trying to say? You are trying to be funny, insightful, helpful, but what you actually have done is just waffled on about something super random and it makes you seem like a right and utter tit? And wow, now you are craving some waffles, with bacon..

Motivation is a crazy one. It comes at different times, in different forms and in many different ways.

It can come when you least expect it or when you don’t want it too (HELLO 1am URGE TO WRITE, I’M LOOKING AT YOU HERE!), but I can guarantee the times that you actually want it too, it’s nowhere to be found. Packed up its bags, moved countries, changed it’s name and number, that kinda thing.

So what do you do?

Life is super busy. It’s stressful and we have 101 different things that equate to triple the number of hours we actually have to do it in. So when we actually schedule the time to sit down and do something; like write a blog post, do a UNI assignment, plan- whatever your poison is- and nothing happens. What can you do? You can’t just waste this time- your entire weekly plan hasn’t got room for any misshaps?!

But what you can do is follow these easy little tips to help you get the most out of your block.

Don’t Punish Yourself:
It’s not your fault. Putting the blame on yourself, and making yourself feel bad for not being able to achieve something is only going to make things worse. Instead reward yourself with a little break or a treat- just the thing you may need to get those creative juices flowing again- and if it doesn’t work, at least you have had a treat, and that’s always a win.

Take a Break:
Like the above mentions- Take a break. Go for a walk, have a bath, enjoy a cup of tea. The break can last from anything from 5 minutes to a few hours. Whatever you need to feel like you again, and get out of your focused mind-set. Removing yourself from the situation is going to be more beneficial than trying to continue working, messing it up and getting stressed/ angry.

Write it Down x2.
This one equals two different things. (Technically you are getting one for free here, don’t say I don’t ever give you anything!)

1- Write everything you need to do for that specific task down on paper. Once you have everything in front of you, it’s easier to see what you need to do to achieve your goals. Break these down and prioritise. Having a clear plan of what you need to do is the first step in actually achieving them.

2- Have ideas popping up in your head during your other tasks throughout the day? Write them down. On paper, on your phone, email them to yourself, voice note. Anything to get it down before it’s forgotten. This way when it comes to physically sitting down and writing, you have a good starting point or finishing point, or middle point (you get the picture).

Get Creative:
Ideas still not flowing? Put on some music, watch something to inspire you, or just freestyle it. (Yano on a different document just for funsies). Do something creative, and just for you. Get all those thoughts out and down on paper, or sing them out- get rid of all the mind fog, to allow the rest to be smooth sailing.

Change it up:
Not only do you need to get out of your head when you are blocked, but getting out of your house or your office helps too. Change your environment. Go sit at a park, or a local coffee shop or even just a different room in your house. Staying where you are can make you feel trapped and keep the words trapped even further. A new environment brings new inspiration, new faces, new scenarios and new smells. Plus if you move to a Starbucks you can treat yourself to a hazelnut hot chocolate and who can be sad when they have a liquidy nutty chocolatey drink in and around their mouths?


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