‘Just Because’ treats.

‘Just Because’ treats.

Forget about Valentines Day, Galentines Day, Birthday’s or anything other day that is deemed the right to relax, treat and pamper yourself- and make it a ‘Just because’ day.

I read something the other day (I can’t even remember if it was a post, an article or a tweet now- my brain is completely fried- which is ironically relatable to this post!) that said that we should treat ourselves just because.. because we are amazing, because we work hard, because we had a tough day, because we kicked ass.. just because. We shouldn’t have to wait for a specific day- or event- or reason- and the major one.. We should do it for ourselves, from ourselves. We shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to buy us flowers, or chocolates either. We should treat ourselves, just because.

And I have found the most luxurious (but affordable, even us poor people before payday want a treat) goodies to give yourself that little treat that you OH SO DESERVE- and you just read that on the internet, so it must be true, and don’t worry- I will be having a just because day this weekend too.

The Flowers.
I used to hate flowers when I was younger- if it wasn’t a present that I could eat, I wasn’t interested. But as I have got older (and hopefully more mature) I have grown to absolutely adore flowers. The way that they can just brighten, lighten and make any room seem more inviting and cosy. The way they can make people smile and bring back good memories. Plus they come with a whole range of health benefits for the body- including helping depression, and mindfulness, memory and concentration, breathing, relaxation and a whole bunch more (pun intended).

I always try to make sure that we always have at least one bunch of fresh flowers in our house, as well as in the office. I love just picking a bunch up on my way in or way home from work and placing them proudly in a cut vase on the unit or table. I’m always dubious about buying flowers online because you can never really see the quality of the flowers, or how they are going to look, and the major thing- how long they are going to last.

But I have used BlossomingGifts.com for years and they are definitely my go-to online flower shop if I am unable to get to the shops or just fancy a treat waiting for me at home. They have such a wide range of fresh, seasonal flowers at a reasonable price. They always ensure that they are carefully arranged, packaged and delivered with the upmost care- and they always last at least 10 days. Which just gives me enough time to enjoy and pick my next bunch! It takes me ages to decide on a bunch because they all look incredible. I decided to go for a pale, pastel bunch called Belfi this time round because of the warming weather and I am definitely not disappointed.

They are packed with snapdragons and belfi germini, with gorgeous lilac freesia and vibrant green bells and they just add a subtle touch of colour to my room- which is the perfect addition to spring and under £35!!

But I definitely think I am going to go with the orange lily and rose next time to add a brighter splash as we welcome (fingers crossed) summer finally to the UK.

The Snack.

What good is a treat yo’self day if you don’t get something super naughty, but something that tastes soooo good? Yano the thing that literally makes you go ‘mmmm’ out loud- And for me, that is always Chocolate.

Cadbury’s has always been my favourite chocolate choice- and I’m not about to change now. I’m a firm believer in sticking with what you know- and they give all the right reasons too, by constantly adding new and exciting additions to their already well-loved classic collections.

Their NEW Big Taste combines two of my favourite fillings- caramel and peanuts. Crispy and crunchy peanuts surrounded by smooth and sticky caramel all encased in moreish and silky Cadburys chocolate squares. Lots and lots of tasty squares- The bar itself being a whopping BIG sharer which means it is perfect on your own or even to share *Sharing not always necessary.

I’m not even ashamed to admit that I ate at least half the giant bar in a record amount of time. These little squares are dangerous in being the exact description of food porn, in the best and most delicious way.

Plus they are Gluten Free and are now my go-to snack whenever I am near a store and need a little pick me up, that tastes as good as it makes me feel.

The Pamper.
I’m not one for expensive brands, that mostly due to my budget and lack off it. But I don’t ever really want to miss out on that just visited the spa, relaxation feel. I’ve tried so many different products in a variety of different budgets and my favourite by far has to be the Champneys range- and two in particular right now.

The Well Earned Treat- Summer Dream body lotion is the perfect spring/summer product. It’s light on the skin, light on the scent but the rewards are huge. It’s non-sticky, dries quickly and the smell and softness lasts all day. It’s super easy to apply through the pump and a little goes a long way, which means you get more for your money- always handy when the purse strings are a little bit tight.

If you want to go a little bit more luxurious the Good as New body butter is going to be your new best friend. This thick soufflé style cream is incredible. It’s thick but easy to apply. Non-sticky and dries quickly just like the Summer Dream lotion- but just adds another layer of moisture and softness into your skin. It’s lavender and floral scent helps you to just relax and feel like the queen you are. Team up with the Good as New shower cream before-hand for a tag-team of relaxation.

The price for the Champney’s range isn’t the cheapest but is a good mid-range budget, especially for the quality- plus there is always 3 for 2 offers in Boots which I always make sure I take full advantage off whenever I see it.



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