Greenport Kitchen: Review

Do you ever hear the saying, that (enter situation here) is like waiting for a bus, none for ages, then all at once.

This is exactly what happened to me while I was away in Sicily- for the last few months my blog calendar and event invites has been as empty as my bank account- then boom, while I was away in Sicily I got around 10 invites. Which were all for the week I was away- typical.

Luckily the lovely people over at Greenport Kitchen in Waterloo invited me down the week after their event to taste their gorgeous American classics first hand and this incredible restaurant with their beautiful open gantry definitely doesn’t disappoint. I went down on a Tuesday night, and it was super relaxed and casual, with attentive staff, the most delicious crisp wine and moreish food that made you never want to leave.

The menu showcases fresh and quality American classics such as JD and Coke BBQ Ribs, to-die-for brisket burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese a plenty and the juiciest steak known to man, all ready to be washed down by an extensive beer, wine and milkshake menu- like every good American diner should.

As soon as I spotted the Padron Peppers on the menu, I just knew that I needed to have those in and around my mouth- after becoming obsessed with them a few weeks back. The sweetness from the chargrill on the flesh paired with the sea salt across the skin just make something so beautiful and so moreish and super simple to eat- and is the perfect starter, due to being light- or the perfect side to any dish.

I followed those little green babies, with their Naked Dolly Parton Burger with Hampton’s chopped salad (because Sicily completely out-carbed me for a while). The plump, juicy burger sat amongst morsels of fresh and fragrant salad delight’s and finished off with home-made slaw. Unfortunately their fries are not Gluten Free which would have just topped off the whole experience for me, because any menu that has sweet potato fries with parmesan on them, that won’t allow me to eat them is going to loose points.

The other dishes on our table completely destroyed by my plus one came in the form of their Veggie burger. A Lentil and Carrot patty with piri piri sauce, lovingly crafted inside a toasted brioche bun. With beer battered onion strings and extra slaw.

I would 100% recommend Greenport Kitchen to anyone who is looking for a new American diner that screams sophistication in a casual and relaxed way. Plus with it only being a 2-minute walk from Waterloo station and a short walk from South Bank its prime location is perfect for lunch meetings, or after work drinks and snacks. The whole meal for 2, including drinks came in at under £50- which wins points for me, for central London- the quality you receive and size of the portions you would definitely expect to pay a lot more.

*I was invited down to Greenport Kitchen to do a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. All pictures go to credit Greenport- I had destroyed the battery on my camera in Sicily and forgot to recharge!



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