Eat First: Ka Prow LDN

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again-food makes my soul happy- and it legit takes up 90% of my daily thoughts. From as soon as I wake up in the morning, to my daily commute, to sitting at my desk dreaming about what delights I’m able to put into my mouth when I get home as a reward for working so darn hard.

But sometimes, life gets a little bit too fast paced, and you feel a little less sassy than you would like too, and the thought of having to cook when you get home makes you sad. But also the idea of another heavily, mass produced take-away would make your body (and bank account) sad, and a little more flabby than you would like.

So what is a 21st century girl to do?

Lucky for us, Londoners have always lead the way on being on top when it comes to the new and exciting food trends and with the introduction to EatFirst, Londoners no longer have to lose the quality and taste when it comes to take-aways. Eat First is London’s first online-only gourmet restaurant offering up fresh, tasty and high quality meals that are made with the design for delivery in mind all under the watchful eye of head chef, Benn Hodges from Roka and The Ivy- all meals are blast-chilled and delivered direct to your door, so you just need to heat them up and enjoy.

This concept is one that really intrigued me, and I was lucky enough to visit their new partnership with Kra Pow LDN pop-up launch a few weeks ago with the incredible Kaye from Fordtography. We got to sample their BBQ’d chicken with jasmine rice, cucumber and subtle spices made fresh in-front of our eyes and really brought the taste of Chiang Mai street food alive in the most exciting and tasty way possible.

Now unfortunately EatFirst is only available in London- and as you all know, I live outside of there. BUT I do work dead in the centre, which means I can get my dinner goodies delivered straight to the office, to take home with me, shove in the microwave (or oven) and enjoy fresh, restaurant quality food without zero hassle or fuss, and boy oh boy do the flavours really deliver.

I opted for the Kra Pow LDN’s best loved dish, Laab Gai (¬£7.95)- which is Chilled Minced Chicken Salad Served Inside Lettuce Leaves for Mumma Bootes and their brand new Moo Ping Thai Pork (¬£8.95)- Marinated pork collar with brown jasmine rice, mint and cucumber to set my Friday night on fire.

I ordered my dishes and got them delivered straight to my work. Then 6pm came along and off I trotted back home, food intact. 5 minutes after being at home I was tucking into the most fragrant, light but intense flavours of the Moo Ping pork paired against the fresh salad leaves, brown rice and cucumber. I also nabbed some of Mums Laab Gai (because you know, research purposes) and these little morsels packed a punch of spice from the chilli, but was lovingly balanced with fresh mints, herbs and toasted rice powder.


Kra Pow LDN’s dishes have all been inspired from their travels across the globe and after developing a taste for street food on the streets of Chiang Mai the founders- Richard Oakes and Paul Ambrose set about finding a way of recreating these dishes in a more refined way back home, and after launching their pop up in 2016 they have been doing just that. The flavours of Northern Thailand has well and truly been introduced to the people of London and can be found at Druid Street Market, Leyton Food Market, East Village Market and Last Days of Shoreditch and now easily accessible on EatFirst with just a few simple clicks you can get your very own Kra Pow delivered straight to your door.

No hassle. No fuss. Just simple food that tastes as incredible as it looks.


*Disclaimer; I was sent the Kra Pow LDN’s Meals in collaboration¬†with EatFirst to try and review. This being said all thoughts and photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

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