Foodies Festival: Stacie Stewart x Caorunn

When people ask me what my favourite thing about my job is, it’s pretty easy to say the free food and drink (I mean who wouldn’t want free Caorunn Gin and hang with Stacie Stewart?!) But it’s actually the amount of incredible experiences and people that I get to meet and the memories I have been able to create, that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do without my blog.

One of the highlights of this year has to be the opportunity to film the wonderful and sassy Stacie Stewart as she worked alongside Caorunn Gin at this year’s Brighton Foodies Festival.

Foodies is the largest celebration of food and drink in the UK- and the whole atmosphere was an incredible one to be a part off. Not only did I get the chance to film and photograph Stacie as she sashayed around the festival and at her sold-out Caorunn Tonic masterclass, but I also got to work alongside one of my favourite brands for the weekend.

In previous post’s you may have seen that being a blogger has brought me something super adult and useful- It’s made me appreciate and enjoy a good glass of gin. I used to be a Vodka girl- but this little blogger is all grown up.

Gin, for me- can sometimes be super dry on the palate and heavy on the head in the morning. But Caorunn is nothing like this. It’s a contemporary Scottish Gin that has depth in every drop and is floral and sweet on the tongue with a crisp finish. When paired with refreshing slices of red apple and a good quality tonic you can really see the premium quality of its handcrafted process come alive. (To visit the distillery up in Scotland is on my To-Do List for this year, who wants to go with?!)

Stacie is a girl after my own heart. She understands how important it is to look after our bodies and to ensure what we are putting inside them is going to be beneficial. But she also understands that you need to have a balance. She eats healthy and natural but also enjoys a good G+T and is making it her mission to show others, that you no longer have to choose between indulgence and guilt. Through her creation of natural tonics made with fresh and organic (and easy to source) ingredients she has created some to die for, and totally moreish recipes that pair perfectly with the botanical flavour of Caorunn Gin.

So why not give one of her health busting, beauty boosting tonics with a splash of Caorunn this Summer?!

I have included my favourite recipe of hers below- but head on over to Caorunn’s website to find the rest! And if you are ever in Brighton- make sure you head to Eat Naked, and pick one up for yourself, as well as a double scoop from her natural fro-yo bar!

The Zest and Honey:
Glass: Vintage martini glass.
50ml Caorunn Gin
10g Manuka Honey
Juice of 1 Lemon
Dash of water

Method: In a shaker with ice, combine Caorunn with the Manuka honey, a dash of water and the juice of 1 lemon. Shake hard and strain into a martini glass.

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