New World Trading Company: New Menu- The Trading House

You guys know how much I love food- so when I got the chance to sample the brand new menu from the award winning New World Trading Company as they launched their latest venture The Botanist in Reading, but got *cough* stood up, so left Reading with my tail between my legs and a very hungry stomach- I just knew I had to head down to the one closest to my office, to get my hands on their newest and tastiest dishes.

The Trading House, in Bank- is a 15 minute walk away from my office, so I tend to spend more time there than I do actually at my desk, with zero regrets. Any chance I get, be that work meetings, drinks with friends or just general dinner plans, I will always arrange to go to The Trading House. So you would have seen it featured on my instatories, IG, blog and youtube more than once.

Their quirky decor, extensive cocktail, beer and wine list and moreish BBQ and rotisserie menu always makes come back wanting more.

The new menu across all sites has seen an increase in lighter seasonal dishes with an added Vegan and Gluten Free additions across all sections including new and exciting cocktails, and an updated beer and ale anthology. 

To start with, I always like to go with something a little lighter, and their fresh crudités with home-made hummus is always going to be a win- I swapped out the bread because yano, gluten free life, and replaced it with a brand new dip on their deli section. Sweet earthy beetroot is paired with creamy feta to create a dip that sings on your taste buds.

I saved half my dip to have with my main because there is no way, I was letting that bad boy go back into the kitchen.

I was tempted to go for their brand new Watermelon, Prosciutto and Cheese salad but steak was calling my name too hard- and their steaks are to die for. Melt in the mouth, chargrilled on the outside with subtle hints of herbs and spices really get the mouth watering, paired with a lemon-y garlic-y grilled flat mushroom and soft and sweet tomatoes, and seasoned to perfection fries that were just heaven dipped in my beetroot dip.

Dessert came in the form of ice-cream, salted caramel and marshmallow FYI, and it was the perfect end to a gorgeous meal.

Cocktails were consumed, bellies were satisfied and I for one, can not wait to work my way through their new menu as much as I did their old one. So if anyone fancies food sometime, HMU.

Also- keep an eye out for an extra special NWTC post, as I attend the VIP Launch party of The Botanist, Reading next week.

*All photos are credit to NWTC, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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