A Guide to Pate with Castle MacLellan.

I don’t like to pretend that I’m the most sophisticated person when it comes to food, even with a catering degree behind me and two chef of the year awards *humble brag. There was probably 90% of the time that I would crave a McDonalds more than anything even slightly more edible. When you are surrounded by food, your attitude towards it changes extremely.

But one thing that would never leave my heart, and belly- is pate. This gorgeous, smooth creation is definitely up there with one of my top foods. But shockingly it’s also one of those up there that isn’t popular with the younger generation, and that makes my heart sad, because believe me- you are missing out. This old classic has definitely slipped through the radar but is finally being picked up by top restaurants across the world and making the comeback it needs.

But even with this comeback pate is still not being enjoyed to it’s full potential and I want to change that, because it should get the love and recognition it so rightly deserves. Which is why I have teamed up with Castle MacLellan to give you all some quick and simple tips so that we can all savour the rich, smooth and creamy taste regardless of your age.

Castle MacLellan have the most beautiful tasting pates such as; Rannoch Smoked Duck (which has become a household favourite at the Bootes house) Luxury Salmon or Crab Terrine (which my Boss stole from me when I took it into the office, and constantly texts me with pictures of her eating) Creamy Mushroom, Classic Chicken Liver with Scottish Heather Honey and so many more.

Pate, in it’s simple terms is a rich, savoury paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients, typically seasoned fish or meat but can be seen in vegetable format such as mushroom- and is to die for. It adds a simple sophistication to any meal and a good pate can truly set the taste buds alight.

Castle MacLellan’s top tips come in 3 simple ones.

Always use a plate:
If you are serving pate at a party, or even just for dinner- make sure all your guests have a plate which means they can serve themselves from the centre pot, and can use the lip on the plate to scrape off excess- which can stop all arguments about double dipping!

Learn your preference when it comes to toast to pate ratio:
Personal preference definitely plays a major role here, some like pate by the bucket load (ME!), others prefer just a small slither. Although Castle MacLellan have come up with the ideal formula for ultimate enjoyment.

(1 x large spoonful of pate / 2 x chunks of baguette or 4 x small crackers) x number of guests.

and always serve at room temperature.
This is purely just because nobody likes hot pate, and too cold will restrict maximum spreading ability.

Now that you have learnt the top 3 tips, it’s time to throw your very own pate party- I took mine to work in the form of a picnic, and we enjoyed pate in the sunshine on our lunch break. Make sure you are posting your #PateParty moments with Castle MacLellan on Facebook or Instagram.

My colleagues and I had this to say:
“The mushroom pate is my favourite, it’s super creamy, definitely mooreish and perfect for a day in the sunshine!”

“I’m taking this crab terrine home with me, and spreading it on everything I can find!’

‘The duck pate has subtle flavours that grow on the back of your tongue to really give you that flavour adventure”


*This post is sponsored by Castle MacLellan but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise. 

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