Vital Ingredient: The Perfect Lunch Choice

I thought that I would stick to the Lunch-Time theme here after yesterdays post about pate, and share with you my favourite quick, simple and healthy lunch place in London. Now there is going to be nothing fancy about this post, what you see is what you get- because that’s the way it should be. Natural, simple but oh so tasty.

Vital Ingredient was set up in 2001 by creator Alex Haynes who came across a freshly tossed salad bar in New York and noticed a gap in the market back here in London. With thousands of Londoners opting for healthier and lighter lunches the need and success was imminent- and can be seen through Vital Ingredient now having over 17 shops, employing and amazing 250 people and serving an incredible 35,000 fresh tossed salads per week, and of course landing itself as one of my top Lunch spots.

The way VI works is it’s all about, what you are about- and creating what you enjoy. Each salad is tossed to order which means you can create your own bespoke bowl, just the way you like it.. All ingredients are carefully made fresh and prepared every day so you just need to pick and enjoy in three simple steps.

The Base comes in the form of either lettuce, mixed leaves, quinoa or egg pasta, topped with 6 of your favourite toppings including deli items, veggies and all the crunchy toppings, finished with any dressing. Or you can opt for their salad of the day created by their dedicated salad-experts.

My choice of the week had to be:
Base: Rocket
Toppings: Chicken Breast, Chargrilled Tender-stem Broccoli, Feta, Free Range Egg, New Potatoes and Mixed seeds.
Dressing: Caesar Light.

The broccoli although hard to eat due to the size, was probably one of my favourite pieces, packed full of smoky chargrill flavour which went perfect with the creamy, crumbly feta and peppery rocket. I created a masterpiece even if I do say so myself.

I love my salads to have substance which is why VI is one of my favourite places to go- the salads you get from Boots or a supermarket normally come with a droopy lettuce leaf, one tomato and one cucumber slice- nuhuh honey, I’m not about that life.

If I want a salad- I want it big, I want it fresh and I want it packed full of flavour.
and the best part about VI is that you could literally go there every day for a year, and still get something different every day- the combinations you can create are outstanding.

What would you choose?

I also went for a chocolate, coconut pot and fresh juice because yano- I love food.

P.S you can also put your order through online- so you just need to pop into your closest store and pick up your creation without having to wait around.

*I was sent the above in exchange for a review. But all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise. 



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