Cherry and Mint Lemonade

There is just something about the Summer months that makes me crave something sweet, light and refreshing, and what better way to wet your whistle than with a freshly made, sparkling Cherry and Mint Lemonade. The Fresh cherries give it it’s beautiful pink hue and light flavour, with help from the fresh and aromatic mint.

This is super simple to make, you only need just a few ingredients and you can go from stalk to mouth in no time at all. So you can get your Summer ‘ade on in a few easy steps. You can make this with or without a blender, so there is literally no excuse not to make this bad boy.

Now I don’t have a specific, weighed to measure recipe for this (but the one below is how I made it), it’s all down to your preference on taste. If you like your cherr-int-ade (that’s my new name for Cherry Mint Lemonade btw) to be more sweet than just add more sugar, if you like it to have more of a cherry taste- increase the juice or alternatively feel free to add more lemon juice for that classic home-made lemonade feel. Or why not add some Vodka or Rum to make it a boozy affair?

Ingredients- Makes 4 Large Glasses
5 Lemons Juiced
3 Large Cups of Fresh Cherries; de-pitted and pureed (Either use a blender or mash with a fork and strain in a sieve)
Sparkling/ Soda Water
1 cup Sugar
2 sprigs of Mint

Combine lemon juice, cherry puree, sugar and mint together to create a Cherry Syrup

Pour syrup over ice.

Top with Sparkling/Soda water and enjoy.

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