10 Binge-Worthy Netflix Dramas

Yo Amanda- where you been? You’ve not been blogging, whatcha been doing?

Not sure why I started this post trying to be gangsta, and lol at my weak attempt at even trying.. okay that was embarrassing.. Moving on swiftly.

I’ve been off blogging for a while now (BUT IM-A-BACK), and to fill my blogger void I fell down a very deep and near inescapable Netflix hole- but I’ve managed to escape just long enough to tell you all about my findings- and through the use of saying ‘findings’ I can pretend that my time on Netflix was actually for Market Research for this post and not because my life is legit lonely and depressing and oh so tragic.

1. Power.
The only reason Power is at the top of the list (apart from the fact that its freaking awesome) is that it’s all to do with Gangsta’s and you know how G I am..

Follow New York’s bad boy drug dealers as they scheme, kill, deal and sleep around the city- all without trying to get caught out themselves. A lot of sex, a lot of drugs, a lot of binge watching- I absolutely loved this programme from the start, but I know a lot of people have hated it. It’s definitely a marmite of the Netflix world.

2. 90210.
I was super late to the 90210 party and oh man what I had missed out on. Watch this West Beverly cast grow up and grow- through every curve ball life can throw at them. Fall in love with their characters and story lines and literally immersive yourself into their high school and college worlds- with drama and privilege at every turn. It’s literally a world (and a programme) were anything can happen.

3. Gossip Girl.
I was super late to this party as well, only watching it this year and I’m still not over the fact that GG is now over. I have never been as obsessed with a programme as much as I was with Gossip Girl, which is mostly for the fact that Chuck Bass played by UK’s very own hottie Ed Westwick is literally my forever-more dream man crush, up there with Simon Cowell and Phillip Schofield. Now if you don’t know Gossip Girl, where have you been?!- It’s about a group of Manhattan Socialites who have their every move publicised by an anonymous blogger. Cue romance, drama, lust, drama, tears and more drama.

4. Between.
Who knew Canada could produce such amazing shows? Between follows a group of children in a small town try to survive after everyone over the age of 21 mysteriously dies. Nail biting, brilliant story lines and the male lead is a complete cutie. But you will either love him, or hate him- and that won’t change. It’s a definite hit or miss- and it was a huge HIT for me. I think it’s one I could actually re-watch and I NEVER do that.. Unless its burlesque but Christina Aguilera is a babe so who could blame me.

5. Santa Clarita Diet.
Now this is one of those really bad, not even remotely funny programmes but why am I so addicted and why am I laughing?! It’s just as bad as Kimmy Schmitt (which FYI Netflix, when you bringing back?).

Suburban and boring Mumma (Played by Drew Barrymore) suddenly becomes ‘dead’ and has to try and survive normal life, without letting anyone catch her out- luckily she’s got her family around her to help her out. Legit watched the entire season 1 in two days. It is brilliant, then gets bad then gets good again- so stick with it.

6. iZombie
Writing about Santa Clarita I remembered iZombie and actually how bad it was like the above, but OH SO GOOD. Some literally sit down, and binge watch goodness. Follow doctor turned zombie become detective assistant who has flash backs of the people’s lives when she eats their brains and how she uses her zombie powers for good in catching the bad guys. Plus her co-star Ravi played by Rahul Kohli is all the eye candy you need on screen, if you go for the geeks like me. The new season of this bad boy is back, and I am SO ready.

7. Orange is the New Black.
Now if you never got on the bad prison girl train and watched OITNB- get off my post now- and go watch it, and binge watch it until you can’t take it, then watch some more, BEACAUSE IT IS FINALLY COMING BACK AND I’M SO EXCITED I MAY JUST WEE MY PANTS A LITTLE.

Expect drama, murder, tears, romance and more drama. My kinda programme.

8. Riverdale
Currently working my way through this one after hearing SO much about it online (DON’T TELL ME ANY SPOILERS), and I am not disappointed. Take an old-fashioned American town, with outdated morals, throw in an unexpected teen murder where every character turns into a suspect and you get a binge-worthy drama with sass at every turn.

9. Lost and Found: Music Studios
An exclusive after school music program follows selected and talented musicians as they start to discover their own musical identity all while falling in and out of love with each other and their passions. A sassy, younger version of Glee- the music will get you singing along for days after. I binge watched the entire season 1 in one day, with zero regrets.

 10. Love
Newly single- love and sex addict Mickey falls for the other newly single geek chic Gus. Follow their whirlwind romance and see how their unique differences and plenty of obstacles may just help us all figure out what love really is about.

What are you obsessed with, and what should I watch (and obsess) over next?!


  1. July 7, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    I watch Netflix but I’ve not watched any of these yet, I’ve been hooked on Jane the Virgin series 3, but Between looks like it could be a good watch. I’ve lots of airport free time soon maybe I’ll indulge in some more Netflix watching.

  2. July 8, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    Thanks for the tips. Watched some but not all. I binged Glow recently though. Same creators behind Orange is the New Black (not watched it) I think. Set in the 80s which I love 🙂

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