Finding your Summer Style with Vision Direct

I have such a love/hate relationship with the Summer. I love the long days, the light mornings and the ability to walk around in cute little dresses and strappy sandles, and just to genuinely revamp and refresh my style. But annoyingly, for me- I was born with not only very pale, and I mean Caspar pale skin, but also with bright blue eyes, ginger hair and freckles everywhere which means I have to be super careful to protect my skin and eye sight from harmful UV rays.

Most people, when they think about sun damage automatically think about their skin, but the sun’s rays can also harm your eye sight. Extended exposure can cause irreversible damage including cataracts (clouding of your eye’s natural lens), pterygia (an eye growth) and photokeratitis (sun-burn to your cornea) which can cause temporary vision loss. Because our eyes rely on light to work, the majority of the UV light is absorbed by the eye structure without causing too much damage, but over exposure can increase the risk of damage, so certain precautions need to be taken such as wearing sunglasses and limiting your time in the direct sun-light.

And its not just us pale people that have to take care, everyone is at risk of getting sun damage through over exposure, but because of my paleness it has been drilled into me since I was little that I need to take precautions when it come to stepping out into the sunlight. Which I did, until I hit a certain age and I didn’t think it was cool to be careful and just opted for those £1 sunglasses because they looked stylish over ones that would actually provide protection. It’s only as I’ve hit my twenties that I’ve realised how bad sun exposure can be for our bodies, and now I do my research when it comes to providing preventative maintenance for the Summer, even down to what goes into my wardrobe essentials.

For a while, being sensible came with a dull, plain and boring style, but not anymore. Which is why I have teamed up with Vision Direct to show you that you no longer have to choose between style and security. They have hundreds of different styles that will not only protect your eyesight, but also look super stylish and perfect for the Summer months. They have lots of handy tips and tricks on their blog page which can help you decide which style suits your face shape, explain the difference between filter categories. FYI- choose a number 2 or 3 for optimum protection and gives you all the helpful advice on lens colours so that you can get the perfect pair with complete ease and at the touch of a button, and for much cheaper than the standard RRP on designer brands such as Karen Miller, French Connection, Animal, Ben Sherman and more.

I grabbed two pairs of glasses a few weeks back at the beginning of Summer to help add some sass into my outfits- the first being this gorgeous, sleek black pair from French Connection, it has a rose gold inlay on the outside of the rim and the gradient grey lens provides the highest level of UV protection (filter category 3). This little black pair suits every outfit, and will never go out of fashion. Plus its round frame really helps to frame my face without looking too overpowering.

The second pair, is a little bit more wild, but if you can’t add a splash of colour in the Summer, when can you? These crystal rose pop butterfly glasses are Animal’s take on the very retro 50’s style, which I absolutely adore. The vintage feel is complimented by an understated rose colour which is kept cool and safe with its sleek grey lens, and the subtle addition on a cats-eye adds a different shape without being too bold.

Order yours from today before 5pm for next day delivery, and if you need any extra advice their dedicated staff are on hand from 8am- midnight Monday to Sunday.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vision Direct, but all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.


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