Spring Lamb: Mint, Pea, Asparagus and Feta

Spring Lamb: Mint, Pea, Asparagus and Feta

Now a few weeks ago, I planted a mint plant to create this gorgeous Cherry and Mint Lemonade, but then completely forgot all about it, which has resulted in it nearly doubling in size.

Desperate to use some of the gorgeous, fragrant and fresh leaves before the slugs get to it, (such an attractive way to write about a food post, well done Amanda) I put my chef brain back on and created this gorgeous Spring Lamb dish. Now I know spring is behind us, and it should be all about the Summer months, but I am sorry – this weather is not Summer-like at all.

Lamb and mint go hand in hand, or hand in hoof. So of course, the first ingredient I thought of when thinking about a mint inspired dish was going to be lamb. Wanting to keep the dish super light and refreshing I opted for some simple seasonal vegetables that I knew would pair incredible with the two main ingredients. Asparagus and Pea work amazing when kept al dente next to the soft and tender lamb allowing some extra bite and adding texture to the dish. Because all the ingredients here are quite sweet, I threw in some feta for some saltiness and to cut through the richness. I placed all these gorgeous morsels on-top of minted crushed potatoes and a pea shoot and rocket salad.

I topped mine with garlic toasted pitta bread and served it with a side salad.

This dish – although sounds quite technical, is actually super simple, and is guaranteed to impress. It is also a brilliant way of using any left over lamb from the Sunday Roast.

Lamb (cooked or raw)
Handful of peas
New Potatoes
Pea shoots and Rocket

Cook your lamb if using raw first and allow to rest before slicing.

Boil your new potatoes until soft, then drain and leave to slightly cool.

Add your asparagus and peas to lightly salted simmering water and cook for around 10 minutes.

Crush your new potatoes with a fork – you just want to break them up, not mash them completely. Add a splash of Olive Oil, Mint and season with salt and pepper.

Place your potatoes on the bottom of your plate, top with the pea shoots and rocket.

Add on top your sliced lamb.

Top the lamb with the asparagus and peas, and finish with sprinkled feta.



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