5 small things we need to appreciate more

I currently feel gross, drugged up, and literally like I have been sliced open with a knife. *So, I’m sorry but this post is going to have zero pictures to accompany it!

It’s day two, after my diagnostic laparoscopy where a very *cough* attractive surgeon sliced open my poor little belly in two different places to wash out an infectious cyst. I had a burst ovarian cyst, that was causing me pain and discomfort for over 2 weeks, I’ve said it before and I will say it again PCOS is no joke – but I’m on the road to recovery. The last couple of days in hospital I have slept, and slept some more, but I’m back in my own bed and catching up on some blog things, as well as catching up on even more sleep, because yolo sleep is the best thing for healing right?!

Sometimes, when you have to slow down, and stop and rest you can see the most important parts of your life. It’s all good and well trying to be superman (or woman!) with work, and social, and blog, and adult life commitments. But there is something about taking some TLC and R+R that we take for granted every day. Simple things we can do to just feel a little bit special every day of our lives, because, we are all special and deserve to feel that way. Stress and anger and bitterness should never get in the way – I digress from the reason of this post. I’m still very groggy from the anaesthetic still circulating around my body at the cO2 they pumped around my abdomen is currently trying to escape from my right shoulder (anyone thats had surgery before will know what I mean!) I also have a swollen lip and sore throat from the breathing tube, but you know what – I would take it all again, because I’m alive.

We need to start celebrating the small successes in our lives, because we only live once. So you want to raise that glass and eat that brownie, and be god damn happy with the small victories we brush over every day. We are all quick to celebrate and congratulate the big things in our lives but never the little, and it’s the little that need it more than ever. So yes, you got out of bed, you fought your anxiety, you smashed that run, you finished your project. WELL DONE YOU. Lets start celebrating every aspect of life.

Here are 5 small things that deserve more recognition. – And those who have helped me on my road to post-operation recovery.

Having an operation on my female parts makes me the spokesperson for this statement right now. Be kinder to your vagina. I have been planning to write a post about TOTM (Time of The Month) tampons, for a while – and right now seems like the most apt time. TOTM create 100% organic cotton tampons, pads and liners – because in all honesty do you really know what goes inside the things you stick inside your body? We spend all this time, money and effort preaching about organic and natural food but forget about what goes in the other end. The truth about high-street tampons would scare you. The man-made substances and harsh chemicals in every pack can contain harmful products that can be linked to endometriosis and other hormonal problems – stuff I know so well right now. I will be doing a full post on this shortly, but just wanted to give a little shout out to my TOTM pads for helping me on my road to recovery.

As cliche as it sounds music can be the way to so many hearts, it can evoke different emotions, different thoughts and feelings and just heal the body mind and soul. It can be as priceless or expensive as you want it to be and it can help pass the time or make the time worth it and I know a lot of people already appreciate how important music can be, but I wanted to include two brand new and smaller artists here because they so often get forgotten – The beautiful stop and listen melodies of Grumble Bee, the one-man band who writes, records than plays all of his own music. With “Francium” (piano sessions) being my fave, and the heart-wrenching “I will take you to the Fireflies” and “The Hospital Blues” that you gave me from The Gospel Youth whose incredible harmonious lyrics and emotion evoking tunes just create a place of love, passion and so much more have helped me so much through these difficult times.

Wispa Chocolate Bars:
The most humble and plain of all chocolate bars, the one thats left on the shelf over and over. The chocolate form of being the last kid picked for the baseball game. But it’s crisp exterior and subtle bubbles that melt inside your mouth are the exact reason it’s the most underrated. So next time you are in the shop, forget the fancy chocolates and pick up a Wispa. You won’t regret it.

Online Friends:
I have gotten to that stage in my life, where I can afford to be picky and choosy with the friends I allow into my life. I have gone through stages of removing all the toxic people and can truly focus on those that I really care about, and those that care about me in return. And when something as tragic as an emergency operation comes into effect or even just a bad day at work, you can see who really there for you through the ups and the downs – and the friends that I have made online either other bloggers or just other online lovers are what keep me going. It just shows you that you don’t have to physically know the person to appreciate and love them mentally and spiritually.

The old-age gift that can heal and be adaptable to each and every situation. I used to hate flowers, they die – so why would you want to give them as a gift? But as I have gotten older, and hopefully more mature, I can understand and truly appreciate their beauty. This small gesture can mean so much from ‘I appreciate you, I love you, Well Done, I’m thinking of you’ and so much more – and their healing properties are as beneficial as their beauty. Always make time and room to have a bunch of flowers in your life.

Now I need another nap.


  1. September 15, 2017 / 7:16 am

    Girrrrrl flowers are such a beautiful gift, we should treat ourselves to them all the time because nature is beautiful! You have also made me crave a wispa bar.. damn you.

    I miss you and hope your recovery is fast and smooth! Love you xxx

  2. Emma Harrison
    September 16, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Its currently 9.45pm on a Saturday night, I’ve just decided to catch up on a few blogs after a hard day of construction and now I want flowers and a Wispa that my lactose intolerant self should not have…

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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