The Key to Surviving any Bad Situation

The Key to Surviving any Bad Situation

When a bad situation strikes you down, such as an injury, illness or heartbreak there is a major difference between sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself and sitting around and allowing yourself to rest. Understanding the difference between these two can be the key to creating a silver lining out of this otherwise unfortunately black cloud.

I, like many others have been very unfortunate over the last couple of years when it comes to misfortune and health issues. I’ve just had my 8th operation in 8 years and had countless hospital admissions and days in bed between these. But something different happened this time. I understood the difference between feeling sorry for myself and the situation I had been placed in, and took the advantage given to me to allow my body to rest and recover and come back stronger than ever – and I can 100% say that I have come out the other end stronger and happier. I promise you, it may be all cliche – but there’s no bullshit.

When we get stuck in this rut of feeling sorry for ourselves and moping around, we create nothing but negative thoughts and emotions in everything we do – this in turn can cause irreversible damage not only to the mind but also to the body. I’ve spoken about this before and if you want to read more about what negative thinking does to our bodies just click here, I can wait until you get back! But if you just want to find out how to use the knowledge of allowing your body to rest to your own benefit- just read on.

When we go through difficult situations, our bodies create this flight or fight response. It causes internal and external stress to the body and the mind and can be the main cause of further emotional damage such as depression, anxiety and mood swings. Our bodies are made to thrive, to wonder around, to get up and move and work. Our minds are designed to do the same. When we are told we are no longer able to do the things we depend on, do subconsciously and are used too: such as working, going out to see friends and even just being independent in your own movements our bodies tend to either shut down or try to fight against it. Each one causing the same final outcome to our progress.

We may just be doing the things we are told to do – Sitting around, watching TV and eating, allowing our bodies to rest and overcome whatever difficulties it needs. But if we adopt the headspace that the world is against us, and it’s not fair that it always happens to me mantra, this whole period of rest, may heal your bodily wounds but creates emotional scars, thick and deep. That will bleed and weep whenever you are faced against a difficult or stressful decision or situation in the future.

Take the same situation – Sitting around, watching TV and eating, allowing our bodies to rest and overcome whatever difficulties it needs. But this time adopting the headspace that ‘Okay- something shit has happened, but it’s not my fault, my body needs to recover so I’m going to allow it the time it needs to repair and plan an attack when I’m better with my newly found energy and strength’.

The power of positive thinking may seem like some mumbo jumbo with little or no truth behind it, but I honestly wish I knew about this when I was younger and was taught how to fight back in a positive way. This optimism for life and yourself can easily become a part of your natural personality if practised everyday and placed against every day life situations.

We should never feel guilty about taking time off. We are a world of guilt-ridden people. We feel guilty about working too much, we feel guilty about working too little, we feel guilty about global warming and the melting polar caps, about not saving enough, or not exercising enough. Anything that we can feel guilt about, we do. But the only time we should ever feel guilty – is for not looking after number one – ourselves, and this is something that we need to be able to work on everyday in order to be giving our bodies the time and rest it needs.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves when placed in these bad places, use the negative to create a positive outcome. Can’t work because you are off sick and need to rest? Why not use this time to do something you have always wanted to do?
Can’t go out because you need to save? Why not use this time to pamper yourself or spend it with your loved ones?
Can’t go to the gym due to injury? Why not try out some new healthy recipes or get an early night, or try meditation?

It’s SO easy to just take the easy way out when faced with difficult situations and to sulk and moan and to just give up- but to rise above and against it is the key to survival through and without sounding too dramatic, it’s ultimately the key to happiness.

When we choose to not give up and give in to these downfalls, we are choosing to not give up or give in on ourselves, and that is the only thing in the world that we can never give up on. So by taking just simple steps when unfortunate situations occur we are taking the right steps towards empowering our bodies, nourishing our minds and allowing our bodies to overcome the hurt and recover.






  1. September 22, 2017 / 8:21 am

    Positive thinking all the day! I fully believe in this, but sometimes we often get stuck in a mental rut, but all it takes is small simple steps to get us feeling better!

  2. September 28, 2017 / 11:53 am

    I needed this post today. I’ve been suffering from increasing bouts of dizziness, to the point where it’s starting to impact my daily life. Although it sucks, I need to keep positive so that negative thoughts don’t drag me down to a place where I struggle to do anything! xxx

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