The Weekly ‘da-Load: In & On.

The Weekly ‘da-Load: In & On.

I’m finally launching a new series on the blog, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Gone are the days of monthly favourites, people just don’t want to wait an entire month to read about the things they are obsessing over, or maybe that’s just me? I have been known to be super impatient.

I want to know what’s hot, and what’s not as soon as it happens.

But don’t worry – the content I write, is going to be so much better than my attempt of writing a clever name based pun for this! The aman‘da-load is a weekly down-load on what I’ve been doing all condensed into a handy little post from what went in my mouth, to what I was wearing on my body.

5 Things that I love, I want and things I have done.

IN my Mouth // The Mamushka Burger.
An email landed in my inbox a few days ago, the first word read burgers – my second word read yes. Burgers are the pinnacle of modern century cuisine. They can be kept simple, made complicated and even raise money for a great cause. The Hachè Burgers x Olia Hercules collaboration works together to not only empower female chefs, something that is super close to my heart *all the fist pump movements right now, but also raises money for an incredible charity – Action Against Hunger.

The Mamushka Burger, named after Olia’s cookbook was created through her love for good food and influenced by the flavours of the middle east. She told me: “You only need a few things, to make a burger great. 1. a good bun and 2. a high-quality piece of meat. The rest is up to you”.

“I wanted something honest, something that tastes great and something that you are going to want to come back for more, and that’s something I think I have achieved here”

Well I 100% agree. Her prime patty was paired with a beet sauerkraut which had all the tangs in all the right places, topped with crispy streaky bacon, dill mayo and that ginger and tumeric-infused beet kraut which has my mouth watering all over again. All the good, none of the guilt.

Get your Mamushka from Hachè and £1 from every sale goes direct to the charity.


ON Repeat // I need a Friend tonight – Witterquick.
I’m not sure if it’s the honest and relatable lyrics, the catchy melody that kicks in half way through or the way it still manages to create all the feels every time I listen – as if it was the first play, but there is something about WQ’s latest single taken from their brand-new album Fire and Ice that has been making me hit the repeat button more times than a gal probably should.

I’m so proud to see this incredible band from Exeter go from strength to strength. Watching them for the first time over a year ago in a small venue in central London, to the huge success they have now created. They can do no wrong. Each song is even more brilliant than the last, and I’m expecting huge things from them in the future. No pressure guys.


IN my Glass // Watermelon, Strawberry and Coconut Smoothies
I’ve been trying super hard to up my liquid intake, and to actually have breakfast in the mornings rather than getting super hangry and snacking all the way up until lunch-time then heading into a food coma and needing an all day long nap.

Smoothies are a simple and easy grab and go delight that does both of the above. They give me the fuel I need to keep going, a boost of energy for the morning and keep my body from becoming dehydrated which I have been suffering with a-lot as we head into the cooler months.

My go-to recipe right now is boosted by refreshing watermelon, juicy strawberries and topped off with nutty desiccated coconut for a tropical juice that can make even they grey mornings shine a little bit brighter. I just pop it into my cup, and head to work, sippin’ it’s delight all the way to the station.

ON my Feet // Primark Boots
These cute little boots are perfect for autumn and as I write this, my mother has text me saying she has borrowed them for her date, so I guess they are not just on my feet, but hers too.

They were under £20, came in two sassy colours and are super comfy! The heel is chunky yet not too high, and I have worn them repeatedly for the last few weeks and can see myself doing so in the foreseeable future.

Well done Primark, you did well bae.


IN my Oven // Creative Nature
I love cake. That’s no surprise, but finding a decent gluten free one can be quite challenging, and having to make one yourself from scratch can be a ball ache most of the time which is why I adore the packs from Creative Nature.

These super simple, easy to make, quick to bake and tasty, moreish and perfect for all products get a 10/10 from me. I’ve tried and loved both their Chia and Cacao Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix (which I mixed Goji berries into) and their Chia and Mulberry Muffin Mixes (which my team all scoffed down in seconds!)

The mixes take seconds to make and require minimal and everyday staple ingredients such as eggs or butter, before popping into the oven for 25 minutes and enjoying guilt free, gluten free, nut free and refined sugar free products that are loved by health inspired and food lovers all over. I can’t wait to work my way through the rest of their products.


What you may have missed ON the ‘Gram:
1. The incredible and emotional #MentalHealthDay Campaign created by English Emily – Read about my story on HuffPost. 

2. A gorgeous breakfast at Bourne and Hollingsworth with Rowse Honey – keep your eyes peeled for some yummy bee-utiful recipes coming soon.

3. #NationalChocolateDay goodness with Guittard Chocolate – post coming next week!

4. Getting back into my health + fitness and a Swedish Dinner Party (which I will be prepping as this post goes live!)

5. Accepting life is sometimes messy – you just got to sass + style it out.



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