Getting my Halloween on with The Makeup Armoury

Halloween is my absolute favourite time of the year – so when The Makeup Armoury got in touch, asking if I wanted to create a spooky halloween look with some of their special effects makeup how could I say no. Any chance to get bloody and gore-y and I am there.

I have zero training in special FX makeup, I can barely apply my normal makeup properly, but I adore how creative you can get and how you can simply transform yourself from human to something slightly less.

TMA – who create products for the film industry or professional makeup artists sent me across a selection of different bloods in the form of the Vermillion FX Essential Blood Kit which includes: Runny Crimson Blood, Sinewy Blood Gel, Thick Clotting OX Blood and Scab Paste which is known as their bestselling products all in one handy bag in creating both fresh and aged SFX creations.

They also sent me the face sculpt pack which I was completely unfamiliar with, but is now one of my favourite SFX pieces in my kit. It can be used to create a variety of different effects including cuts, and wounds instead of scar wax, or to create the illusion of third degree burns – you just simply mix the two pots together, and the third pot allows you the opportunity to gain more stretch and elongation for areas that require movement.

Alongside the above packs, TMA sent me Scar Wax (which is something I was used to using for previous halloween looks, a stipple sponge to create and finalise looks, a double ended spatula for the wax and sculpt and some bullet hole transfers – which I am yet to use.

The first effect I decided to go for was a broken glass injury to the shin, so I could get used to using the sculpting kit properly. I used both A and B of the sculpt paste, along with all four of the bloods to create the illusion of a fresh wound that. I used the scar paste for a ‘gravel/dirt’ effect rather than as its original use. The sinew gel blood was incredible to cover the shards of ‘glass’ and really give it that authentic look of cutting through and being covered in blood. This was topped with some simple dark red, yellow and green eye shadows to create a bruising effect and some broken plastic. The sculpting pastes were super incredible, they went on smoothly, dried into a liquid latex feel, and were just easily managed. It was very simple to create the shape and desire I needed for the look. It’s definitely something that I would use in a variety of different looks. Due to the see-through colour you create a more natural effect without needing to blend as much as you do with scar wax which is helpful for straight forward cuts such as this look where it was more about the external rather than an open look.

The second effect is one I have ALWAYS wanted to try. The sliced finger. Using the scar wax I created the illusion of a slit across my finger. This was such a simple effect to create. The scar wax when warmed against your fingers melts easily and blends with little help. Finished with a dab of runny blood for that freshly cut look. Scar wax is always a vital piece of equipment in any SFX kit and this one is incredible compared to some of the cheaper ones on the market. It’s easily styled and moulded to whatever shape you need, and blends, like I mentioned before, super quick and without any additional products.

The last and final look I created was a bit more on the extreme side – but one I had to rush, as I was heading out – so will be doing this again shortly, finishing it and doing a complete tutorial: step by step so you can recreate at home. This was created using the face sculpt and OX blood – which is a thicker version out of the other 3 in the kit. It’s sticky but thick enough to stay inside your pre-cut creations. Keep your eyes peeled for the real (and finalised) look coming soon. Also let me know if you would like the step by step tutorials of the other two looks – just leave me a comment below, or tweet me at @amandabootes

*Disclaimer: The Makeup Armoury sent me their products free of charge in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own. 



  1. October 17, 2017 / 6:51 am

    Actually terrifying.

    • October 17, 2017 / 6:55 am

      Its the look I was going for..

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