The Weekly ‘da-Load: In & On.

The Weekly ‘da-Load: In & On.

How is it Sunday and time for my weekly da’load again?! – also major apologises for this post being so late in the day. I spent all day yesterday at my baby cousins 1st birthday then in bed with the worst headache. Not sure if it was the kid’s screaming or my body finally giving up and getting the dreaded bug that is currently making it’s way around my office.. regardless I spent the rest of last night and part of this morning in bed watching Netflix shows – which FYI is going to be one of my faves for this week.. I am.. obsessed.

This week has been super busy – I had events every night of the week, so my average time of getting home totals 12pm – with a 6am wakeup call every day and an excessive amount of alcohol in my system still. So exhausted is an understatement.

But enough about me moaning. Lets get on with it here are the 5 Things that I love, I want and things I have done this week.

IN my Bath // Olverum Bath Oil
Weekends are made for relaxing, for soaking up the week just passed and refreshing yourself for the week ahead, and there is nothing better at doing that than Olverum, the true oil that is a luxurious blend of essential oils just allows you the chance to restore yourself back to normal. The carefully selected mixture of oils help to ease stress and relax tension both in your mind and body. It has such a subtle but natural ‘spa’ scent that when mixed with warm water just allows all the stresses to float away.

Plus the travel set (which I take every where with me when I go away) is only £19 and available from Fenwick and Harvey Nichols)

ON my Skin // Ted Baker
Ted Baker are constantly making scents that I just fall in love with. I have their Autumn Perfume at home to dab on in the mornings and then I recently picked up their Pretty Pearl mini body spray in Boots on my way through the other day and it’s scent is super floral with a hint of musk and has been my go-to for the past week for a little uplift and refresh to a long office day.  (£3 from Boots!)

IN my Mouth // Mr Lee’s Pot Noodles
Sometimes, you just want something a little bit naughty, something that brings back all those college memories and something that is super simple to cook and eat – and that is a pot noodle 100%. However they aren’t gluten free, and are packed with ridiculous amounts of salt. So let me introduce you to your new best friend. Mr Lee’s. Their GF pots are made with rice noodles, all natural ingredients, taste incredible, and have been my lunch every day this week at work. My favourite being the Hong Kong Street Beef with tasty tender beef pieces, spicy vegetable and a broth that warms the taste buds for it all to sit in.  (£2.99 each – available on Mr. Lee’s website!)

ON my Laptop // Orphan Black – Netflix
If like me you need something meaty to get your teeth stuck into, when it comes to choosing a new ‘flixsession then Orphan Black is for you. I don’t want to give too much away incase you want to go and watch it yourself (I highly, highly recommend). A woman sees another commit suicide, but this woman looks exactly like her – so she takes on her identity and opens a whole world of secrets, drama, twists and turns. Every episode has you gasping and wanting more. This sci-fi thriller stars Tatiana Maslany as the main character and I have never been in awe of someones incredible acting skills before. Get stuck in, and thank me later.

IN my Headphones // Starfire – Caitlyn Smith
How incredible is it, when your Spotify Discover Weekly gets you so on point and introduces you to an insanely talented artist? Well that is what happened this week with Caitlyn Smith, the small little fire-rocket with an intense and versatile voice has graced my ears every single day. Her version of ‘You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman’ gives me goosebumps every-time I hear it. She has such a raw edge to her voice that carries so many emotion and passion and her honest, beautiful and relatable lyrics make every song better than the first.

What you may have missed ON the ‘Gram.
1. These gorgeous Chocolate Orange Overnight Oats. Why not check out the recipe here?! 

2. Celebrating with some chocolate for uploading my 300th blog post!!!

3. Enjoying the beautiful sites of London at Maddison Gardens.

4. Getting my Swedish cook on. (Post coming super soon!)

5. The table of dreams at my favourite brunch spot in London – Bourne and Hollingsworth.


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