Witch please – stop wine’ing! It’s all sweet up in here.

Witch please – stop wine’ing! It’s all sweet up in here.

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday. The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are colourful and crunchy and it’s a time where you can get your scare and gore on. If you haven’t already seen my halloween makeup post – just click right here.. it’s sure to knock your socks off.

Last year I did a few different recipes incorporating halloween into every dish: sweet and savoury, and this year I wanted to find alternative products that encapsulate halloween but not necessarily in the traditional sense, and ones that you could have all year round, because I need my dose of scary 24/7, 365 and not just by looking at my bank account.

Get yo’ Candy on.
Of course no Halloween post would be worth its merit without speaking about the sweet stuff. The candy. The sugar.

But this little baby from Born Gifted is just a little bit extra special because not only is it packed with all the old school retro sweets that remind me of my childhood it’s also personalised and I am a sucker for anything I can put my name on, plus it’s only £7.99!

This little cute tub is currently situated proud and center in the middle of my desk giving me that little sugar rush and pick me up when I need it most, and I know as soon as it’s empty (any day soon) I will be refilling and repeating.

Now to get a little bit more adult up in here.. I have included a slightly more grown up and sophisticated addition to this years halloween post.

Head to the Dark Side
I never really need an excuse to drink wine so when I was told it was time to embrace the darkness with this gorgeous dark red wine by Apothic – you didn’t need to twist my arm twice.

This slightly sweet, slightly bitter wine hits the spot in all the right places. It has subtle notes of blackberry and chocolate due to its combination of combining different grape varieties together and is the ultimate blend for anyone wanting to head across to the dark side this Halloween (or any day for that matter) plus it’s such a brilliant quality with depth in every sip – for only £10. So stop wine’ing and enjoy this treat.

Scarily Cute
Not everything has to be terrifying, sometimes things can be terrifyingly terrific. Like these adorable Itty Bitty’s from Halmark.

Wicked, like halloween has always been one of my favourite things, and the fact that they go hand in hand just warms my soul. I still sing to the soundtrack daily and am in the midst of booking another theatre trip to watch it, yet again. So when I stumbled across these little cute plush toys I couldn’t say no. They are currently lovingly placed on my windowsill and make me smile every time I see them – I’m lame I know. But it’s the small (or the itty bitty) things in life that matter.

I also picked up The Joker and Harley Quinn for my baby cousins as an extra little pre-halloween treat when I saw them last week.

It’s not just the blood and gore that excites me about halloween, it’s smack bang in the middle of my favourite season, it’s the time when it’s getting a little chillier and darker in the evenings and that just makes you want to wrap up warm and eat all the seasonal warming foods such as: squash, stews, home-made curries and all the winter pumpkin soups.

Pumpkin Protein Fuelled.
Pumpkins are one of my favourite foods, they have such a subtle sweetness that you can just elevate easily with a few simple ingredients – I’m also completely obsessed with roasted pumpkin seeds- but I had never heard of a pumpkin protein powder before, so this one intrigued me, and for all the right reasons.

Not only is it gluten free but it is also completely organic and vegan friendly. This protein powder created by Nature’s Plus uses pumpkin seeds due to their natural protein content. They are also packed full of: beneficial fatty acids that our bodies require, fibre, calcium and zinc – there are definitely no tricks when it comes to this.

It’s super subtle in taste, mixes easily with no lumps – I mix mine with cinnamon and nutmeg for that added extra burst of flavour and nutrients and to really capture the flavour of Autumn.



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