The Weekly ‘da-Load: In & On.

It’s scary how quick these weekly posts come around, the weeks are just flying by, like how is it Halloween weekend already?!.. however on the more positive note – I have had some lovely messages from you all talking about how much you love reading these posts. Which just fills my heart with some much happiness and love. It’s such a lovely post for me to write and reflect on the current week, and it’s even better knowing you all love reading them too. It’s so easy to remember and stress about the negative points of the week; the busyness, the long hours, the late nights and work deadlines, that sometimes you forget to look back and remember all the little things that made you smile.

It really is the little things that we have to celebrate – or we will quite literally go insane.

So here is this weeks 5. The 5 Things that I love, I want and things I have done this week.

IN my Shower // Cherry Bakewell 
I picked this up in Asda on a whim, I’m a sucker for a bargain, and this was only 80p. But it smells incredible. Exactly like you have rolled around in a bath of cherry bake wells (anyone actually wanna do that now, or just me?!) it’s got this powerful sweetness aroma without being too overpowering, that hint of almond just floating through in the background, and it just makes shower-time all that more fun, which is exactly what you need when it’s a dark and early morning.

ON my Calendar // South Place Hotel Art Opening
I was super lucky to attend the super sassy art and cocktail launch party of the incredibly talented Howard Tangye at the South Place Hotel in London’s west end. This gorgeous five star hotel hosted the event in their secret garden bar which hosted a whole crowd of swanky and hipster individuals. I attended with my very lovely friend and colleague Sophie, we sipped on colourful art inspired cocktails and had a bit of a girly gossip, just what you need on a Wednesday evening. Plus the way Tangye managed to emasculate the human body through his oil-paintings really made you think about how incredible some people’s talents actually are (this coming from the person who can barely draw a stick-man). He really deeply explored the nuance of the human form in such an energetic and honest way and his passion and love for the aesthetic glowed from his paintings.

IN my Mouth // H.Forman and Son’s London Cured Smoked Salmon
As a chef, the process of food and the love, care and attention that goes into creating award-winning and best-loved produce really fascinates me. It’s always amazing to find people who have the same passion as you do for something that quite literally makes the world go around. This week, our team was invited to tour the infamous H.Forman and Son’s smokehouse on Fish Island. The home of the first ever London PGI protected product. The Forman family has been curing and smoking fish since 1905 and their traditions and hunger for creating exceptional products every time is fascinating. We finished the tour by dining on a whole selection of different variations of their award-winning salmon including Wild and Farmed, Royal Fillet, Hot Smoked, Jerky, Gin and Tonic, Beetroot cured and Graveleux. Each bite as fresh and flaversome as the first, and making your mouth water and want more with every mouthful.

ON my Train // Train Doggos.
On my way home one day from a particularly stressful day, I was greeted by not one, but two dogs on my train. That met, played and even had a cheeky little kiss. I am a huge animal fan, if it has paws, a tail and is fluffy I am all over that, so this was something that really put a smile on mine and the entire carriages face. I told you – it’s the small things that really matter.

IN my Headphones // Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel. 
This song is one of my favourites for a few different reasons, but it has recently just made it’s way back into my life and it just makes a bad day a little bit brighter. It’s catchy, it’s country (obvs)and it brings back happy memories of a very special person that got away. Music has this incredible way of bringing back memories when you least expect it, and I love that it has that kind of power. It really is something magic, and it’s always there to take away the blues of a bad day.

What you may have missed ON the ‘Gram

1. Those sassy cocktails from the South Place Hotel – how gorgeous do they look?!

2. Gooey, double chocolatey with added PB and Salted Caramel brownies – grab the recipe here.

3. The most beautiful breakfast buddha bowl at Muriel’s Kitchen. Avo, Poached Eggs, Beetroot, Toms and Crispy Potatoes. *drooling all over again.

4. One of my favourite places in London – The Ned. Right around the corner from my office I’m lucky to spend a fair amount of time in this insanely beautiful place.

5. Looking back on my troubles the last 6 months have brought and knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, and re-finding my motivation.


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