5 Simple Ways to Emotional Declutter Your Mind

Do you ever feel a little uneasy or find it difficult to concentrate if your surroundings such as your room, desk or wardrobe is messy?!

If you are anything like me, you can see the huge difference that comes with having a bit of a spatial clear-out and clean-up. This small task of decluttering, (such as removing unneeded papers from your desk or un-worn garments from you closet) can have so many positive benefits on your peace of mind and make you feel so much more organised and clear-headed for the day ahead.

This type of physical decluttering has been proven to help control stress and anxiety levels, so it’s only right that it has been adopted by people across the world – yet so many of us still neglect the emotional clutter rattling around in our brains everyday causing the same amount of negativity.

Emotional decluttering – is just like it’s physical copy. It’s the process of ridding yourself of the things you no longer need in your life – instead of it being last years sweater or a receipt found at the bottom of your bag it works by getting rid of anything negative or toxic. By holding onto this clutter we are ultimately stopping ourselves from progressing, moving on and can cause unnecessary emotional strain and can be the cause or reason for angry, sad, lonely or empty feelings.

We all have emotional clutter. It’s only natural. It’s our minds way of holding onto something sentimental but it also something that has very little financial or progressive value. By recognising, accepting and ultimately cutting the ties to this emotional baggage we can stop it before it stops us.

Why not try these simple ways to getting you started down the path of emotional cluttering?

The past is in the past.
As cliche as the saying is. You can’t change what happened in the past – and by dwelling on things you no longer have control over can drive you crazy, and can stop you from moving on and excelling. We need to learn to accept what has happened, and to focus on working and changing the things we do have control over like the right now and the future. By holding on to the past we will never be able to leave that page, start our new chapters and finish our book.

Start by accepting and forgetting the little things, then move up to the heart-breaks and the more larger issues.

Say goodbye to the unfulfilling relationships.
This can be anything from professional, relationship, friendship, online and even family. If a relationship between yourself and another person isn’t benefiting the both of you, then it’s time to say goodbye. This can be super hard, this person may have been in your life for a long time, you may thought they would be in it forever or you may have been through hell and back with them by your side. But people, and yourself change. And by putting in time and effort into those relationships that don’t give you anything back can be a complete waste – especially when you could be focussing that attention on something or someone else who is going to benefit you.

Sometimes you just need to be a little bit more selfish with who you focus your energy, time and effort on.

Hit anger on the head.
Like the majority of factors in emotional clutter, holding onto something can only stop your progress in moving forward. Holding onto something like anger and angry feelings just means that your overall mood and thoughts are going to be an angry and negative one – anger can not benefit you or help you to move forward in any way, shape or form.

Let it go – channel that emotion into a positive one.

The only person you should compare yourself too is yourself.
It’s so easy to compare yourself to your friends, your co-workers, to strangers on the internet, the celebrities and the influencers, but all this does is create a false reality. It puts undue pressure on yourself to achieve something that isn’t you. This in turn creates a negative mind-set that you aren’t good enough unless you look/act/earn/be like someone else. The only person you should ever compare yourself too is the person you were yesterday or last week, or 10 years ago.

See where you have come from, how far you have travelled and the incredible things you have done. Use this as a force to propel yourself further.

Envy isn’t going to get you anywhere fast.
Just like anger – envy just creates a negative emotion which can cause you to feel low and upset with the position you are in. But by focussing on what someone else has got won’t get you where you want to go. Use this opportunity to accept what you want and work out a plan of attack of how to get it, rather than sitting around envious about someone else’s life but not putting in any effort of your own.

The green eyed monster never looks good on anyone.


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