Don’t put my blog in a box just yet, I’m not ready.

Life is busy, we all get that. We have jobs that need doing, friends that need seeing, relationships that need up-keeping, commitments we have to commit too and food that needs to be eaten. So it’s no surprise that something like a blog, especially for those of us who do it part time, or those that seem to get stuck in the constant whirl of drama can loose passion and momentum for something they once loved.

Blogging – is hard. It’s hard for those, as I mentioned doing it part-time. But it’s also hard for those doing it full-time, or once in a blue moon, those who have just started, those who want to end or those who just dabble. Blogging is about putting your most intimate thoughts out there for the world to see. It’s about sharing your life advice, your hacks, your tips and tricks and a way to connect with people you would never have connected with.

It’s also about creativity, about freedom of speech, about finding who you are, changing who you are, allowing yourself the chance to grow and develop and to try new things. It’s about paving your way, covering over your own cracks and watching your garden flourish time and time again.

Or so it used to be.

I’m not sure what has changed. Something that once used to be a place of beauty, of miss-matched sentences and iPhone photographs became a place that was elevated. It grew, like us – into something quite magical. People started to understand who and what a blog was, the time, effort and hard-work that went into creating individual, creative and personal content. A place where people both big and small were being recognised. People were able to follow their passion, do what they love and make a name for themselves. But somewhere along the line, it grew too big. The industry got greedy. The companies got selfish, the consumers got petty and the passions got lost.

I too, have lost my passion. I feel as though I’m unable to put the necessary time and effort required in to make it against the big guns, and I could never compete against them. But I realised, I don’t want to compete against them. I don’t want to be just like them, I just want to make my name right next to them. We need to stop this bitter anger, this comparison and remember why we started doing it in the first place.

Blogging/ bloggers and blogs are not a one size fits all. You can’t put all bloggers in the same box because that is the complete opposite of what blogs are. Each one has their own unique stand-points, their little quirks and personalities that we love and crave more off. So why do we constantly try to fight for the top spot. It’s nearly 2018 – there is no top spot. There are thousands of spots standing side by side. Stop seeing your blogger friends and heroes as the enemy, and start seeing them as your colleagues, and maybe the world will start to see us that way as well. How can we expect them too, when we don’t ourselves? We are all in this team together, and that was proven tonight.

Blog-gate drama hits the twitter-world on a regular basis. I’m normally fast asleep on the train home or working to avoid it. But there is one benefit (or downfall) to lying in bed, puking up your guts, soz tmi. You get to feel connected to the community again, and this connection, although starting on a negative note, soon turned into the exact reason of why I fell in love with blogging in the first place. We all come from different backgrounds, different societies and we all blog about different niches – but we stood together to stand our ground on something trying to tear away our foundations.

The media, the uneducated, the unknowing and the un-caring may try to put us all in one box. They may try to brand us and push and pull us down. But we are bigger, stronger and more sassy than they are. There will be a time when I’m happy to be placed inside a box, but this is not it. You can keep trying – but you will never win.

I will refrain from signing off using BLOGGERS UNITE… maybe.. but know this. Whatever size blog you are, however long you have been doing it, however many followers you have got. None of that matters. What matters is the person behind the blog. Stand up for what you believe in. Never let anyone take away your voice, and never let anyone take away your passion.


  1. Emma Harrison

    Yes girl – this post is frickin’ spot on as always. I am sick of hearing that the ‘blogosphere is full’ that there is ‘no room for new bloggers’ and that ‘blogging is dead’ … blogging has existed for longer than the small minded people who put it down know and it will be around for much longer than they will be.

    Emma |

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