10 things having a blog and online dating have in common

10 things having a blog and online dating have in common

We are a world that carries our entire life in our pockets. We blog, we gif, we shop and we date from a variety of different internet browsers and apps – so it’s no surprise that two of the most popular google searches for 2017 have a few similarities.

I’ve been blogging for over three years, and online dating for just over two; albeit rather badly on both accounts and have noticed some rather interesting common ground for the two.

So here are 10 things that blogging and online dating have in common… but be careful because you know what they say – don’t mix work and pleasure.

All your meetings feel like ‘Blind Dates’
You spend all this time talking to someone online but never face to face. So when you do get to meet them in rl, you have to either swap clothing details just so that you can hopefully sit next to the right person or just scan the room, hold your breathe and hope for the best.

The first date nerves. 
And just like meeting your potential bae for the first time, meeting up with anyone for your blog gives you all those flutter butter anxious feels – which is normally eased by a glass of wine, or two.

Sorry – it’s me, not you.
You spend all your time and effort going backwards and forwards organising details, negotiating factors and finalising logistics for them to just turn around and say that they are no longer interested.

What’s up Boo?!
Or even worse – just completely ghost you.

Gettin’ technical.
90% of your conversations happen online. You become the boss at all things technical, that you just start to think you should just get married to your phone.

69% of your time and 99% of your money is spent at a different coffee shop, swanky restaurant or quirky pop-up – at least avo&poached eggs love and respect you and all you do.

Facebook official
It’s not official until your friends, fam, ex’s and people you stalked in high school know that you are in a full blown (professional or personal) relationship and that big ol’ bold header is taking its pride place in your FB bio.

Not much sleep happening around here
There’s late nights, early mornings and weekends spent in bed in just your undies.

It’s all about the P and the V.
You have to find unique and creative ways to showcase your personality and vulnerability in your profile in all the best and stand out from the crowd ways.

Givin’ it all up.
You will want to throw the towel in, throw away your phone and hibernate under a duvet of blankets, snacks and rom-coms more times than you will admit too.

But you won’t – because you believe that one day you will get there so you keep on typin’ and swipin’ away.



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