I don’t know about you, but the majority of people I know will do absolutely anything for the other people in their life. They will go out their way to make sure that, that person, is happy, loved and looked after – kinda like they are looking after their own little human pet. But they always forget about that one very important person, who seems to get lost on their ever-growing list of things to do – themselves.

I am sooo guilty of doing this. Forever checking in on those I love, and making sure that they are happy and looking after themselves, but very rarely do it for myself. So this weekend I invited myself out for a self-date! I took myself out for a coffee iced lemonade, sat my ass down, and had a very long conversation with myself (in my head, and on paper), and checked in with how I’m doing. I asked myself what I’m worried about, how I can find solutions to my problems, what I’m looking forward and working towards and how I can help myself get there.

Just by taking a quick half hour out of my weekend, (and £3.50, Starbucks, why so expensive?!) I was able to just forget about other people for a little while, and really hone down on my own thoughts and feelings. Self-care and self-love doesn’t have to all be about bath bombs, chai lattes and manicures – it’s about listening to your body, getting in touch with your feelings and working out how to keep yourself happy. And this can change for every person, and even yourself. Some days I love nothing more than a face mask and a rom-com, and others I like to get down and dirty and sweat out a HIIT class.

Please don’t fall for the notion that in order to love yourself and practice self-care that you need to follow other people’s routines and fit inside a very small and limited box. Self-love, is just that, loving yourself and doing whatever it is, that makes you happy.

But don’t worry, if, like me, you sometimes struggle to find ways to do so; just have a little look at this list. Bear in mind that this list hasn’t been created for you to copy like a recipe! Just pick and choose a few that you like the sound off, try them out, adapt them, bin them, create your own. As long as you are doing them for you, do what makes you happy.

– Take yourself out for a drink, lunch, dinner, an ice-cream – just sit by yourself and watch the world go by.

– Cook your favourite meal – get those taste buds salivating.

– Find a new favourite meal – get in the kitchen, play around, experiment and find a new fave.

– Treat yourself – it doesn’t have to be something big, but if you want too, go for it!

– Treat someone else – a friend, a family member, your pet, a stranger.

– Read – a magazine, a book, a newspaper, anything you can get your hands and eyes on.

– Write – a short story, a journal, a blog post, a shopping list. Just put pen to paper and let your thoughts go wild.

– Get up and move – dance, swim, gym, skate. Get those endorphins going.

– Go for a walk – for a few minutes, an hour or a few hours. Just get up and go.

– Get creative – in the kitchen, in the garden, with arts and crafts.

– Laugh – with friends, or by yourself. Find something that gets you giggling.

– Sleep – have a nap, go to bed earlier, lay in on the weekend.

– Log off – turn off your phone, switch off the TV, digital that detox.

– Pamper – have a long bath/shower, do a face mask, do your nails. Anything that makes you feel as amazing as you deserve to feel.

– Listen – to your favourite song, album or podcast.

– Breathe – sit, relax and just breathe. Meditate, do yoga or just sit and enjoy doing nothing for a few seconds.

– Socialise – see friends, join a community class, catch up with family members.

– Learn something new or work on something that inspires you.

– Masturbate – learn how to love and appreciate every inch of your body.

– Be grateful – what are you grateful for? Write them down, remember them, sit and think about them.

– Clean – tidy, declutter, organise. Your workspace, your room, your wardrobe, your social platforms.

– Ask – for help, advice, a pat on the back. If you need it, ask for it.

– Drink – water, tea, a milkshake, water, coffee, water, water and more water.

– Cuddle – a friend, a family member, your pet, your neighbour’s pet.

– Be selfish – do things from this list or anything else that makes you happy. Do at least one thing a day, and don’t ever feel guilty for looking after yourself!



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