Now you guys know that as an ex-chef, and proud owner of a belly – I’m an avid lover of good food! And even more so when it is healthy, nutritious and free from gluten, dairy and any added nasties, which is why I was so excited to sample The Detox Kitchen brand new Summer Set package before it went live to the public.

After the immense success of their January Re-Set and Spring Equitox packages, The Detox Kitchen set about to create something bigger, better and even more delicious – enter the Summer Set 10 Day Package (available now) created to give your body a refresing and revitalising experience perfect for the summer months. The incredibly talented team at DK have not only created a beautiful, fresh and seasonal menu but actually cook your day’s meal fresh before delivering to your door every morning. Each day’s box contains all your meals, drinks and snacks as well as some added goodies to get you feeling lighter, brighter and set for the summer.

In just ten days, the summer set package can not only help to de-bloat, improve complexion and boost your energy levels but can also help to improve your sleep quality, shed excess weight, help you to feel pampered and improve your overall mood and wellbeing.

The Detox Kitchen team take the fuss, hassle and stress away from meal-prepping, shopping and most importantly the cleaning!

I sampled The Summer Set Package for 3 days last week, and my body is now constantly mourning the loss of my daily nutrient juices, delectably moreish desserts and mouth-drooling meals. Each dish was perfectly executed with seasonal and enriched produce tailored to boost my energy levels, keep me fuller for longer and to keep my body in tip-top shape – and it did all that, and so much more. My days run smoother and more productive without having to worry about what I was going to cook for dinner, or what I needed to pick up from the store for lunch. I was able to just concentrate on my daily tasks and tuck into creatively created dishes throughout the day.

Each day starts with a fiery ginger shot (which I have now incorporated into my morning routine) this little shot of power not only wakes you up, but also kick-starts your metabolism ready to start your day in the best way possible.

This was followed by a daily juice of fresh fruits and vegetables ranging from sweet to earthy – and my favourite of the three had to be the Apple, Pineapple, Celery and Ginger which had all the right notes of freshness mixed with sweet back notes and a small pot of nuts to help absorp the nutrients from your juice and add a little bit of crunch.

Breakfast was finished with a daily pot of either Berry or Nut Museli with Rice Milk or Chia Pots with Mango Puree – both, before starting the programme I was not a fan off. I always find Museli too dry and boring, and chia pots remind me of frog spawn. I was, however, pleasantly surprised with both pots. The Berry and Coconut Museli with sweet dried fruits had crunch, sweetness and filled me right up until lunchtime – and the mango puree cut right through the chia seeds to create an exotic twist on a breakfast classic.

Snack time; my favourite time of the day, came in the form of either crudites and dip (beetroot or white bean) or a delicious fresh green avo salad. Both dips, although pre-measured where far too much for one snack, which meant I got to enjoy them the day after – win/win.

Lunch came in the form of fresh, vibrant salads, sushi bowls or mexican inspired dishes. My favourite, although it is very hard to choose, would have to be the Black Rice Suchi Bowl with a Pineapple and Soy Dressing – the dish saw earthy notes from the quinoa, sweet notes from the pineapple and salty notes from the soy which created the perfect mirage of a well-rounded palate pleaser.

Dinner saw the inclusion of curries, soups and courgetti loaded bolognese. Each packed with chunks of meat (or fish), veggies and bowl-licking sauces. I honestly couldn’t believe everything I was eating, was gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free with no added nasties, preservatives or loaded with fat and salt. Even as a chef myself, I’m not that good, so I tip my cap to the incredible Detox Kitchen team.

And if you didn’t think that was enough – there was always dessert. Pistachio truffles, Berry Crumbles and Cheesecakes to make you die and go to heaven.

What impressed me more than the love of incredibly good food, was that the menu never once repeated a meal. Each dish, across the week, was different, creating an exciting menu of different tastes, textures and ingredients. Plans such as this, can become quite monotonous and make you reach for the takeaway menu for some variety – but I can say, hands-on heart, I would 100% happily pay for this over and over (if only they actually delivered to Kent!)

The Summer Set package will set you back £420 for the Protein version and £340 for the Vegan across the 10 days – and includes 10 days of food delivered directly to your door each day, as well as some incredible brand goodies including: The Nue Co Debloat Food and Prebiotic to help relax a bloated stomach, Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil to restore and balance your skin and a Ruuby App £20 gift voucher to use in the comfort of your own home – The total value of gifts equals £100.

*I was sent the 3-day-package of the Summer Set Package due to currently working with The Detox Kitchen, looking after their PR, but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.

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