Press and Portfolio

Alongside my blog rambles, I have somehow been allowed to write for a series of other publications:

The GuardianSexism in the Catering Industry 
Plus Minus MagazineHealthy Cocktails
Unmissable.comSpend the night in an igloo.
Daily FocalAre Dating Apps Ruining our Chance of Finding Love?
Active in Style3 Healthy Recipes for the Summer
DOSE – Living With PCOS Made Me Learn How To Love My Body
Regular Contributor to Your Coffee BreakAll by Amanda Bootes
Regular Contributor to Huff Post Online – All by Amanda Bootes 
Regular Contributor to Metro Online – All by Amanda Bootes 
Regular Contributor to H+N Magazine – London Site 

I have also been very fortunate to be featured in the following features:

Daily Express – Vegan Meringues for GBBO
Sweet Potato Toast 
MSN – 14 real-life working holidays 
Love Exploring – 14 real-life working holidays
The FEMedicFour Women Describe their PCOS
WayfairLemonade Recipes
Mashable.comInstagram Pods
Happily TaniaSweet Potato Pizza 
Clikd.comClikd’s very own cocktail
Caorunn GinGin Truffles
Davey Granger – Interview with Amanda Bootes 
Jolene HartEat Pretty Testimonial
SlimFastChallenger Online Community
Bellum ActiveAnja Active Amanda Bootes 
First Scoop – Raw Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites
Holistic ScotlandGluten-Free Olive Oil Cake
H+N Magazine – Gluten-free Peanut Butter Recipes
iNews – Chicken Satay Recipe, in print.
Gluten Free Heaven September 2018 – Salted Caramel Brownie Recipe, in print.
Gluten Free Heaven October 2018 – Four Vegan Recipes, in print.
Gluten Free Heaven November 2018 – Five Recipes, in print.
Vegan Food and Living, Christmas Cookbook 2018 – Four Recipes, in print
Vegan Food and Living, November 2018 – Two Recipes, in print
Shortlist March 2017 – 5 Healthy Snacks, in print.