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  • 6 Of the Worst Commuter Types

    I may work a 9-6 job, but my work starts from about 7.30 when I jump on the first of two trains to commute into London. Now that may sound a bit melodramatic, how can a train ride be equated to work? But trust me, if you commute into work than you will know exactly […]

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  • Dans Le Noir?: Review.

    Ever wondered what it would be like to dine completely in the dark. To have your other senses really take over, and experience the wonders of the culinary world. Or maybe you’re just sick of seeing people constantly on their phones tweeting or instagramming the shit out of that chocolate brownie. Then Dans le Noir […]

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  • All Star Lanes, London: A Review.

    There’s something just so fascinating about completely immersing yourself into a restaurant/establishment and completely getting lost in their theme or style. By transporting to you to a completely different lifestyle to the one you are used too, and that is exactly why I love All Star Lanes. Based entirely around the classic stereotypical American theme- […]