If you like Pina Colada’s…

How could I not start this post without singing to the best-loved and well-known, and I’m completely sorry that this is now going to be stuck in your head all day tune.

Pina Colada’s are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE, and yes capitals were needed there. There is just something incredible moreish about a summer cocktail that mixes sweet yet slightly tart pineapple with nutty, creamy coconut with just the right hint of warmth from the rum, I say summer, I would quite happily drink this all year round. So when I found out 10th July is National Pina Colada day, like how did I not know this existed before, I had to take this for full advantage and find the best Pina Colada inspired gifts and (coconut) milk this for all its worth.

So if, like me, you are crazy about the ‘ladas- you are going to love this post. We have everything from sweet, sweet scents to actual sweets, and everything in between.

Jelly Belly: £21 for 1Kilo*
Pina Colada Jelly Beans, why did I not know this was a thing before? I have the ultimate sweet tooth, and these just hit the right spots and so much more. They have a very intense pineapple flavour with the after-note of coconut coming through which make them the perfect sweet for any pina fan. Jelly Belly has been one of my favourite sweets for a long time, they have flavours to suit every taste. Grab yours here.

COOLA Sport: £32*
Who wouldn’t want to be on a beach right now sipping a Pina Colada, and topping up their tan? Well, why not protecting that skin with the flavours of Pina Colada, its a close second I guess. Summer has well and truly hit the UK and with skin as pale as mine, I always have to be extra cautious when out and about. Which is why I absolutely adore COOLA Sport, their SPF sunscreen is not only sun-ray proof but also perfect for sports, through their use of a multi-functional formula means it can nourish, repair and hydrate the skin as well as protect from harmful rays with all natural ingredients like Aloe, Cucumber and Strawberry. Plus its an easy spray on with no mess, no run and no rub required. Get your hands on one from spacenk. 

Koko Kanu: £20
Pina Colada’s although incredible can lay a tad heavy through the use of coconut cream, but why should you have to miss out on your fave tipple? Luckily Koko Kanu- the subtle blend of one of the finest Jamaican Rum’s with Coconut can just be topped up with pineapple juice for a skinnier and contemporary twist on the classic.  Sainsburys is your go to gal here.

Hawaiian Tropic: £10*
You can’t have a Pina Colada post without mentioning Hawaiian tropic, especially their paradise collection. Their new fragrance mists include a gorgeous sweet tropical scent packed with flavours of zest raspberry sorbet, juicy nectarine, luscious papaya and of course fresh coconut. A fresh take on a tropical classic. The base of this is super light with hints of musk and sandalwood which pairs perfect with the sweet fruits. My complete new go-to summer scent. Available at Boots, Superdrug and many more.

Island Tonic: £2.95
This gorgeous smoothie is not only Vegan and Veggie approved but is also gluten-free and nut-free too. Which means even those with dietary requirements can get their PC fix. This healthy twist on the original is blended with the taste of the Caribbean. Coconuts, strawberries, bananas and apples are given a complete overhaul with a protein boost made from added seeds and grains. Grab from EatFirst- the fresh approach to food on-the-move by Head Chef Benn Hodges.

Iced Tea Cocktail- Pina Colada Tea Bags: £12.99*
If alcohol isn’t your jam, then these Pina Colada tea-bags may just be. Served in a gorgeous mason jar, and perfect hot or ice-cold. The perfect fruity gift for any cocktail lover. The sweet taste of pineapple is paired with a subtle hint of coconut and transforms you to a beach far away, without the hangover or disapproving looks when sipping at 9am. Also in Mojito flavour- find them here.

Birthday Cards: From £2.75
Finding the perfect card for someone no longer has to be a chore in itself- For a cocktail lover like myself, these cards would be the perfect addition. Not only are they classy, sophisticated and a little bit fun and sassy but they are also such a high quality for the price. I would be one happy birthday girl to open one of these. (And if a Pina Colada came with it, I would be even happier!) Grab yours at Rhysmcardle 

Candles: From £10.00*
I so desperately wanted to include a candle in this post, but had such a hard time narrowing it down, so finally settled on these two bad boys. The first being this gorgeous dark green and tall Coconut, Pineapple and Citrus Pina Colada inspired one by vineyard candles which uses a luxury natural wax and hones a very sweet, very strong cocktail scent, which burns for over 80 hours and the scent lasts a long time once blown out. The second is the Happy Hour 35hours tin. If you still want to get your cocktail fix, but want something a little more subtle, this one is for you. It’s still sweet but not too overpowering, a perfect back ground scent. Grab both on antiquerose. 

*Disclaimer: All products marked with an *asterisk*  have been gifted to me, but all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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