I, like many others – as I can see you all nodding your head along with this statement, am a complete sucker for falling for clever marketing ideas, on buying products I do not need, just because they have a funny, witty, or delicious sounding theme. Especially when they are all food and drink related.

Now since the news of Meghan and Harry getting hitched, every and all companies have jumped onboard the wedding train, some more clever than others, in trying to get a few more sales – and I am ALL for this. I have seen some very wonderful and laugh out loud products and some rather questionable attempts.

So I thought, I would do another “XX Made Me Buy It”, because, the wedding has made me put my hand in my pocket and too many meg+haz products in my face and I could not be happier. I have put the products in order of brilliance to slightly slacking, just incase you were wondering, but probably not – you’re probably just here for the food..

THE SIZZLER – HECK Sausages, £2 
My favourite product from this entire Royal haul comes from HECK, the babes behind my weekend breakfasts and late night snacking released a limited edition sausage just for the happy couple. Pairing Harry’s sweet ginger, with Meghan’s American mustard into one delicious, juicy banger. I was a little bit cautious about this one, as I am not a huge mustard fan, but it seems HECK can do no wrong, as the final product was sweet with a subtle warmth that just made your taste buds sing. Forget the wedding, I’m gonna marry this sausage!

THE ROYAL BOX – Prestat Red Collection £9.95
Prestat, already known as the luxururious chocolatier to none other than Her Majesty the Queen brought back its Red Collection to celebrate the joyous occassion with their delicious, unique and traditional flavours. Combining a sweet clementine oil with a ever so moreish chocolate ganache for Prince Harry, a sublte fizzy London Gin with a touch of Lemon for the beautiful bride-to-be and bringing the one true love of the country – tea, in their earl gray concotion. Now, I’m not a tea drinker, so left that one out of my sampling, but I was very happily munching away on Harry’s and Meghan’s. You can really taste the flavours and just know you are eating as royally as you can get with each mouthful. Prestat know chocolate, and do chocolate well – no wonder it’s the Queens (and now my) fave.

SOPHISTICATED DRINKING – Chase Distillery from £16.50
Now Chase here haven’t done anything to their actual products here apart from include them in a beautiful Union Jack book but as they are known to be “deliciously British” I’m not angry at all. Their marketing may lack the orange coloured foods and american export flavours that the rest have included but their smooth taste, their subtle nod to the wedding and their sophistication still oozing out of every pour, they still have a special place in mine, and the rest of GB’s heart – but they have teamed up with The Gibson, to create a cocktail worth celebrating.

The Royal Wedding Cake is available throughout May – it’s £11 at The Gibson Bar, London and includes Chase GB Gin, Elderflower Liquer, Champagne, Jasmin Flowers, Marigold Petals, Fresh Lemon, Fine Port Glacè and Royal Jelly Cordial and tastes fan-bloody-tastic. H+M have chosen their wedding cake flavours well and The Gibson has done them a massive justice. The sourness is counteracted with sweet port and crisp gin to create a liquid royal wedding cake that goes down a treat.

ROYAL-TEA – Sweet Reasons £20.90
Wanting to take something along to a Wedding party that the Prince and future Princess would be proud of? Then you need the Sweet Reasons Wedding pack in your life. I’m a huge fan of Sweet Reasons brownies because they are delicious, moist, flavourful and most importantly gluten free – so I’m not even mad that they just redesigned their packaging and stayed clear of anything ginger or lemon, which I am now obsessed with! The box contains their classic Salted Caramel (which makes me drool just thinking about it being back in my mouth) Chocolate Orange (hmm, maybe there was a hint to Harry here!) Peanut Butter, Honeycomb and Oreos.

FANCY PIESMr. Kipling from £1
This is another one, that has done nothing but add a pun to their name and add some sass to their packaging, but you guys know me, I’m a lover of a pun and a lover of pies. So if you wanted to get on board the wedding train, but hate anything Lemon, Elderflower or Ginger this is the product for you. Mr. Kipling’s delicious products are exactly the same, just encased under a blanket of GB love and wedding puns. Unfortunately, as a gluten free affociando I was unable to get my Kipling on, but we all know how a French Fancy, Apple Pie and Viennes Whirls taste – you don’t need me to tell you!

If you were thinking, hang on Amanda, you know what is missing from my life.. a sparkling parsnip I would told you to hold onto your hat, as Tyrrells the mastermind behind root vegetable crisps have tried their hardest to jump onboard the wedding ball, but clearly failed on thinking of anything flavoured towards Meghan, so opted for her apparent signiture – glitter. Their parnsip crisps have a subtle ginger tang which is most enjoyable, glitter fingers, however, are not.


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