With this heatwave looking like its going nowhere soon, it’s time to whack out the frozen treats. These coco-berry ice lollies are super simple to make, only include 2 ingredients and are packed full of electrolytes and vitamins to keep you in tip-top shape as the sun shines down.

Vita Coco coconut water, pureed berries of your choice and a freezer are all you need for these delicious treats that take seconds to make and are perfect for all the family (and to use up any mushy or ugly fruits that may have seen better days!)

You can use normal water, soda, or your favourite¬†coconut water brand. Even though I am a proud ambassador due to my coconutty obsession for Vita Coco this post is not sponsored, I just always have bottles in my fridge so it’s just super handy to grab one of those and go wild.

If you fancy an adult version – why not try this Gin & Tonic Summer Granita?!

*it’s also too hot to sit down and write a long and complex blog post that’s more complicated than the recipe, so keeping this one sweet and short.

Makes: 4 Ice Lollies
Time to make: 5 minutes (plus freezing)

1 bottle of Vita Coco Water per 4 ice lollies
A handful of berries of your choice – I used Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries.

Blend your berries into a puree.
Add into a jug with coconut water.
Pour into your lolly moulds and place your lolly sticks in.
Place in the freezer for four hours or overnight.
Take your ice lollies out, and enjoy.

Top tip: Why not mix different flavours together to make a berry-licious combination!?


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