Nestled below the beautiful and bright Cutter and Squidge is The Potion Rooms – a magical abyss of wonder and delight at every turn. With rows of potions, pots and pans spanning the walls; wands, spells and cages pilling up on the units and an enchanting array of interactive concoctions on the tables, you know you are in for a treat.

The Potion Rooms is the latest in a wide variety of different interactive afternoon teas created by the incredible team at Cutter and Squidge and they have thought about every detail. From the moment you walk down the staircase you are welcomed by a dark and dingy corridor, with a bubbling cauldron and mystical beings. Donning your cloak as you enter the Potion Room, and seated in their potions classroom which has been designed with miraculous detail. Each table is laid out, as if you were taking place in a real-life potion class, with textbooks, test tubes, bubbling pots and so much more.

Just before you start your first lesson which is taught by the rather terrific albeit rather creepy teacher, you are given a choice of 6 different teas, including one made using Unicorn Tears or a goblet of ‘Pumpkin Juice’ before getting stuck in on creating your interactive welcome drink. This is made by mixing three different potions and a swoosh of your wand, followed by a secret cauldron surprise that bubbles, cracks and changes right before your eyes and melts on your tongue with delicious flavour bursts.

After all that magic and wonder it’s ‘Lunch Time in the Potion Rooms’ – each couple is given a cage of innovative and delightful treats from the talented Cutter and Squidge bakery team including a selection of finger sandwiches – Roast Chicken Dinner, Honey Roasted Ham with Mustard and Rocket and Ploughman’s, followed by their ‘Proper Pie’ with a creamy leek and potato filling (or a warm cheese pastry roll for Gluten Free diners, such as myself) and a ‘Yorkshire Pudding Fit for a Feast’ which is comprised of a small Yorkshire pudding topped with tender roast beef and a spicy horseradish dollop to get those taste buds tantalised.

‘Rock Cakes’ are then served warm and with a small pot of clotted cream and handmade jam, and are accompanied by their world-renowned ‘Butterscotch Biskie’ – a unique creation that comes sandwiched by a luscious butterscotch filling and an incredible ‘Knickerbocker Bite’ – a delicious creation that brings the old-fashioned glory to the modern world (100% my favourite treat of the night!).

You are able to purchase different cocktails or juices throughout your meal or have two cocktails available with the VIP package which to me, were nothing new or exciting apart from their names. But I guess they are a bakery, not a bar, so I guess I can let them off.

During the 2 hours you are there, eating and learning, you are gifted special wizardry coins which you can trade in at the end, for a special surprise (I don’t want to ruin too much here!)

The entire experience was hilarious, well-thought out and overall incredibly delicious. We laughed, we drank, we ate and we cast spells. Cutter and Squidge have definitely gone out of this world in creating a wonderful experience for both adults and children alike and we left there with a smile on our face and bellies full.

Cutter and Squidge also cater to Veggies, Vegans and Dairy and Gluten-Free and have made each menu as close to the real thing as possible which was amazing to see – a lot of other places create an entire allergen-free menu that is bland, basic and as far away from the experience as possible.

The experience is £49.50 per person for the standard package or £79.50 for VIP which includes 2 alcoholic drinks and a special goodie bag.

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