With Summer starting to rear its beautiful head it’s time to celebrate all the delicious and fresh produce that comes with the warming months and what better way than with this roasted strawberry baked brie recipe. But with the joy that comes with living in the UK, we are still subject to a downpour or two (or three or four) so this dish hits two factors. Fresh, delicious produce which can be enjoyed dining alfresco, or kept gooey and warm for all those cosy dining vibes.

We are no strangers to the combination of fruit and cheese. The two are a match made in heaven. So this dish is composed of a creamy brie topped with fresh roasted strawberries soaked in balsamic and honey for some sweetness. And finished with a sprinkle of mint, pistachios and ground of black pepper to bring the dish together.

Serve with a selection of crackers, apple slices, tortilla chips or crusty bread. Dip, double dip and enjoy the sweet flavours cutting through that creamy cheese for a delicious twist on the traditional cheese board.

roasted strawberry baked brie

Makes – enough for 4 people. Time to make – 15 minutes


1 round of brie
150g strawberries
A handful of unsalted shelled pistachios
A handful of fresh mint
2 tbsp of honey
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar (white or black)
1 grind or pinch of black pepper

Bread, crackers, apple slices, tortilla chips to serve.


De-stalk your strawberries and cut into various sizes and place in an oven-proof dish or on a baking sheet on top of a sheet of baking paper.

Combine your honey, black pepper and balsamic vinegar together until fully combined. Pour over your strawberries and mix to evenly coat.

Place your brie in an oven-proof dish or on a separate baking sheet on top of a sheet of baking paper.

Place both the strawberries and brie in the oven for 12-15 minutes. The strawberries should be roasted and warmed through but still keeping their shape and the brie should be warm and melty, without bursting through the rind.

While they are baking, roughly chop your pistachios and mint.

Turn off the oven and remove the strawberries only. Keep the brie in the oven to continue warming through.

Stir through the pistachios and mint, then remove the brie.

Place on a board. Spoon over the strawberry, pistachio and mint mixture and dribble over the warmed syrup.

Serve with a selection of bread and crackers and serve.

This roasted strawberry baked brie can be enjoyed warm and melty, or slightly cooled and hardened.  Eat it curled on the sofa or at a BBQ with friends.

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