There is just something so homely about a freshly baked loaf of bread – but what if that bread is made with apple, rosemary and goat’s cheese?! Well, then, it’s even better…

This easy to make, no prove bread can be made in under an hour and a half and is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty Autumnal meal like my pumpkin and bean chilli. The sweetness of the apple pairs perfectly with the hard salty goat’s cheese which melts in the bake and creates gooey pockets of melted cheese. The loaf is also spiked with rosemary to add an earthy undertone and round all those flavours out. The addition of apples not only give it that freshness but also adds a nice moisture to the loaf which is needed in a no-prove bread such as this. But make sure to pat those apples down before adding to the mixture to ensure the final product is cooked fully and not too wet.

I love this bread recipe, it’s so simple to follow, no kneading, no proving and it can be taken from bowl to mouth in such a short amount of time – plus that freshly baked bread smell is one that has a very special place in so many peoples hearts. This apple, rosemary and goat’s cheese bread is quite a thick dense bake due to the method made and the lack of gluten, but it means those thick flavour-packed slices can just soak up so much goodness from whatever you are serving it with.

apple rosemary and goat's cheese bread apple rosemary and goat's cheese bread


Makes: 4 portions, Time to Make: 1.5hours.

400g self-raising gluten-free flour
100g rice flour
1tbsp baking powder
150g apple, peeled, cored and grated
50g carrots, grated
75g hard goat’s cheese, grated
2tbsp rosemary leaves, finely chopped
salt and pepper
1 large egg
15tbsp milk

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5/190c/375f

Place your flours, baking powder, salt, pepper and rosemary leaves into a bowl and stir together.

Grate your carrot and apple then dab with a tea towel to soak up any excess moisture (you can also pick up the grated products and give them a squeeze over a bowl or sink. Then place the grated products into the flour bowl.

Crack your egg into a seperate bowl or jug, add the milk and lightly beat together with a fork until combined.

Pour your combined liquid mixture into your flour bowl and bring together to form a ball. Remove the ball and any excess mixture onto a floured surface and bring together. Knead lightly for 2-3 minutes just to bring the mixture fully together and form a smooth combined ball.

Place on a floured baking tray and cut a large cross in the top of the ball. Bake for 1hour. To check if the bread is ready, tap the bottom. If it sounds hollow – it’s ready. If it’s not, cook for 5-10 minute intervals until it is.

Best enjoyed warm!!

Why not try it with my sweet potato and coconut broth?

apple rosemary and goat's cheese bread

Pumpkin and bean chilli with apple, rosemary and goat's cheese loaf

apple rosemary and goat's cheese bread

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