Use up any leftover turkey in this raw salad that tastes just like Christmas. Raw shaved sprouts are accompanied by shredded turkey, apples, walnuts and cranberry and a zingy dressing for the ultimate lunch.

The sprouts add this sense of freshness which works brilliantly with the earthy walnuts and sweet fruits. Finished with the zingiest of dressing that packs a punch of good gut-friendly ingredients and fresh herbs. A combination of apple cider vinegar, whole grain mustard and coriander are used in this dressing and this simple recipe will be your go-to for all future salad dressings – believe me!

This recipe is in collaboration with Kanzi Apple. Showing you just how simple and delicious apples can be for the ultimate snacking treat! For more recipes with Kanzi check out my Apple Salsa Cinnamon Nachos or Honey Whipped Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Apple Dippers 

Kanzi Apples are the perfect addition to this dish – their sweetness works in harmony with the earthy nuts and fresh vegetables.


Time to make: < 10 Minutes. Makes: 2 portions.

10 Brussel Sprouts, de stalked and outer leaves removed
1 Kanzi Apple
Cooked Turkey Breast, shredded
1 Shallot, finely diced

4tbsp Olive Oil
4tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1tbsp Lemon Juice
½ tsp Whole Grain Mustard
Bunch of Coriander
1tbsp Honey

25g Dried Cranberries
50g Walnuts, chopped

Combine together your olive oil and apple cider vinegar by whisking together in a glass or pouring into a bottle, closing the lid and shaking till combined.

Shave your Brussels with a potato peeler, or finely slice with a knife. Be careful of your fingers, as it can be quite fiddly!

Finely dice your shallot and place in a bowl with your shaved Brussels. Pour half of your olive oil and apple cider mixture and mix to fully combine. Leave for around 5 minutes to soften.
Roughly chop your walnuts and place to the side. Chop your apple into small chunks and some slices and place to the side.

Add your coriander, stalks and all to a blender, add in your mustard and the rest of your olive oil/apple cider mixture and blend until fully mixed.

Split your sprouts and shallots mixture between two bowls. Top with your shredded turkey, chopped walnuts, apple and cranberries and pour over the dressing. Enjoy! If you want to take this to work, pour the dressing into a small bottle and place the walnuts in a small little bag and take with you. Pour over when you’re ready to eat to save the mixture going soggy and the nuts going soft.



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