5 Things You Should Have Left in 2014.

Statistics say that the majority of people would have broken their New Years Resolutions by the end of this month. So congratulations to those who are still going strong.

The problem I find with resolutions is that turning over these new leaves always requires a lot more responsibility or time consuming tasks onto an already packed calendar. Finding time for ourselves, or even the basic necessitates of life, like, sleep are decreased by such a huge percentage just to introduce a gym regime or any other consuming resolution you may have introduced into your life at the start of this year.

So why not try this? Forget Resolutions, obligations and requirements adding to your life. And just take away- I don’t mean fast-food (although why not?!) but 5 simple things to completely cut out of our lives. Goodbye stress, hello money, time and happiness.

1: Social Media Envy:
You all know what I mean as soon as I say this and this is exactly the reason why it’s number one on the list. Online Networking and Social Media are a brilliant way of staying connecting with friends and family both close by and far away, catching up at a touch of a button, and an amazing way for promoting businesses. BUT they also evoke this need for self-pity and dire need for acceptance from people you don’t even know. Worrying about other peoples lives and how interesting they may seem (believe me, it’s not always as perfect as they make out online!!) and what they think about you and your life will not change anything. Forget about Instagram Filters and Facebook Likes. Take in the beauty of life away from your computer/phone screen once in a while, stop comparing yourself to other people and just enjoy life.

2: Time Wasters:
Now is the best time to stop and just ask yourself honestly: are the things you spend the majority of your time doing every single day going to help furthering your goals in life, help you feel better or live a healthier life? In other words, is all that online stalking of your ex’s new girlfriend going to help you tone up those thighs you have been moaning about all week, or help you finish that project you were meaning to start? We are all guilty of doing this and we all know we should stop. So why don’t we? There are only so many hours in the day, make the best use of them possible.

3: Going Overboard in Trying to be Healthy:
2015 should be the year of being good to yourself, your body, mind and all that good stuff you read about online. 2015 is about the year of accepting that having this ‘ideal body’ isn’t going to happen just by jumping on the next band-wagon trend of juicing or body-wraps. Being healthy is ten times more beneficial and healthier (sorry!) than just loosing weight. Anybody is able to make this change and be healthy- forget about anything in the past that’s been holding you back. Just make simple changes- focus on introducing healthier ingredients and snacks day by day and build from there and just a quick reminder- cooking from home and making these yourself is a lot cheaper and easier to make then what people think. Google, YouTube and research quick and easier recipes. I promise you that you will be able to find recipes that are  healthier for both the body and the bank balance.

4: Morning Technology:
We wake up, and turn on our phones and immediately scrolling through last nights Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before even leaving our beds in the morning. Automatically filling our days with stress, future obligations and drama before the day has even started. Instead take that amount of time in the morning that you would normally use to do something for yourself, allow yourself time to mentally prepare for your day- reclaim your mornings back to their rightful owner- YOU!

5: 2014:
2014 has long gone, but why are you so intent on carrying around all the baggage you gathered during the last year. Release yourself from any mistakes or bad habits that you made and allowed to take over your life over the last 12 months. Stop trying to make up for them now- the only thing you are doing is prolonging the pain/embarrassment that you created beforehand. Give yourself a break once in a while. Whatever you think is holding you back, actually isn’t. You will feel a huge sense of freedom when you move on from the history that should have been left behind months ago. Enjoy this blank page. Write your story for 2015 with a clean start.

amanda ‘BOOTES
It’s never too late, to make a change.

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