GymCube- 1 Month On.

I have been a member of the #TeamGC club for just over a month, and if you read my first impressions post on the online gym you would have seen that I had very high hopes for it- but have they stuck and what have I achieved?

I was always sceptical about joining an online gym, and even after uploading my first post on GC I was sent a few messages from Personal Trainer friends and fellow gym goers, asking how it can be beneficial, when I could just go to the gym or for a run, or even hire a personal trainer if I felt like I needed that extra help.

But what they don’t realise and what so many people don’t is that by becoming a member of the website, you are also becoming a member of a community, with help available to you 24/7 for a fraction of the cost that a personal trainer would be.

The website is packed full of videos, and live streams from a wide variety of different classes. Each one with different levels for ability included, so that no matter what your skills and stamina can do, you can take part and work your way through the classes until you are at that fitspo level you are going for.

Along with healthy nutritious recipes and help from the incredible nutritionalist Ben Coomber- but I won’t get into too much more details about any of the above, as I have already mentioned them all on my first impressions post.


But what I do want to mention is how much motivation has stemmed from being a part of GymCube. Trainer Kevin is incredible in getting you to get up and moving around, and reaching for and exceeding your goals. He is constantly dropping messages into the members and asking if they need any help or advice, and is 100% stubborn at getting his own way, in getting you to think further than your own goals, and to really stem why you want to reach them and the best way to do so and creating a plan specific to your needs.

And this is something I needed so much. Like I know what I need to do to a degree, but what I lacked was the organisation to create a programme for myself and stick to it in both the exercise and nutrition side of it- and this is where I feel GymCube go above and beyond any other Gym (both in real and online) that I have seen, and all for no extra cost at all.

All the trainers at GymCube understand how important it is to tailor people’s programmes to their own specific needs and requirements and try their best in creating ways to do this- and they actually gain so much more happy results by doing this. Because its personal to the member in particular it really is beneficial in the long run.

Since using GymCube I have managed to start to build my strength and stamina back up, re-find my love and confidence in working out, been introduced to new programmes and exercise types and learn more about shopping, prepping and some very yummy and easy recipes. I’m not going to comment how much weight I have lost ETC, because I don’t work out or use GymCube as a weight loss programme, I use it to become more healthy, stronger and happier in my day to day life- and that is 100% reflected already.



But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some other GC members have had to say.

“I joined GymCube about 8 weeks ago on the recommendation of my sister in law. That’s what I liked about it, I knew people, real people using and loving it. The motivation for me is my wedding next year and I work such long hours, sometimes going to the gym on the way home or before work just didn’t motivate me. It felt like a drag. The best bit is literally rolling out of bed, into my trainers and sports bra and picking something I want to do. I have zero excuses not to do something.”

“I don’t feel on my own, the community doesn’t let you feel like that. Kevin, Stacey and the rest of the team support and motivate without patronising you at any point. One amazing example of one on one help was when I posted I decided to do a 10k in November, Kevin actually recorded me a personalised message with tips and advice. It made me feel motivated and inspired me to get out there and get training. I would 100% recommend GC to a friend, and I have. I’m totally addicted and that is not a bad thing at all.”

“I love GC because it fits in with a ridiculously hectic lifestyle – running my business, full time mum to two toddlers, being a fabulous wife and other such commitments . I’m back to doing at least five sessions a week when I was struggling to get to the gym once a week. I’d decided home workouts were the way to go, but wasn’t fully happy with the approach in my last online club. GC is different; the Facebook group is really supportive and positive, Kevin’s passion for GC rubs off on you, and the videos are of a really good production quality.”

“The best bit for me about GC is the live morning classes – they really motivate me to get out of bed and set me up in the right frame of mind for the day. I’ve had excellent advice from Troy the nutritionist and ongoing support from him too, and he has an excellent scientific but realistic approach. I’ve already recommended friends, I’m a convert!”

“I love using GC due to the convenience, variety, professionalism and more recently the sense of community”

“The best thing about GC is the convenience, I love working out in my underwear and trainers, without a care in the world.”

“I found GC at a time that I had lost all motivation at the gym and had stopped going, I wanted something different and with a little online research, I found GC. This was around 18 months ago and I haven’t looked back, I am hooked. Physically I have noticed great improvements to my strength and fitness level, at the start I couldn’t do one full press up and now I can do twenty! I have suffered from anxiety on and off over the past few years and GC definitely helps me to manage that, a daily workout makes so much difference”

“I  definitely would recommend to a friend,  I have my sister in law, mum and aunt signed up so far and I’m constantly promoting it to others.”

“I have seen GC evolve through several stages since I joined, the new website launched in January and now the new FB community. I am loving the safe sense of community and motivation from this group and feel that this has taken GC to a whole new level.  It has gone from an excellent collection of online workout videos  to a sense of belonging to an inclusive fitness club. It’s great to see the passion and drive that Kevin, Stacey and the team have for GC and I am very excited to see the developments as they unfold.”


Fancy trying GymCube for yourself but still aren’t 100% sold? Then why not trial it for a reduced cost for 3 months, to really get a feel for it? GC are offering my lovely readers 50% off the first 3 months so you will only have to pay £8.97 instead of the normal £17.95. Just click this link here and get started.

And if you still have any questions, feel free to drop me a message on twitter: @amandabootes or email me at:

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by GymCube but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.



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