15 things only people who have a love/hate relationship with the gym will understand.

I have a very love/hate relationship with the gym.

Somedays its my BFF fo’ lyf. Other days I wouldn’t go if someone bribed me with nachos and new shoes.

This type of relationship is super common with anyone that visits the gym or workouts on the regular, or actually those that don’t. Anyone that has ever had to get up and get their sweat on can relate to these oh so real problems.

1. Morning workouts make you feel like a complete don. Who can take on the world and slay throughout the day.

2. But getting up in the mornings suck ass.
Just. One. More. Snooze.

3. You feel like a complete badass when you get that post-gym muscle tightness/shake/soreness. Because you know you went hard-core.

4. Until you have to do anything that requires movement.


 5. You moan about not having a social life because you are constantly at the gym.

6. But feel guilty when you do miss a workout because you hit the town with your friends.
Dancing on the tables counts as a workout, right?

7. Your wardrobe is 90% workout gear, and you are completely okay with that.
FYI need some new fitness inspo workout gear- click here and let the NEED/WANT flow.

8. But then you struggle to find anything remotely sassy for date night.
Yoga pants are suitable for a first date surely?!

9. You also need to do washing every other day.
Your sports bra and tanks have been in the washing machine more times than you have hated leg day.


10. Some days you LIVE for rest days.
and cheat days.

11. And others you feel like you are not complete without a daily gym session.
Like what am I supposed to do now?

12. Creating that badboy playlist with kick-ass tunes just makes you want to work out ASAP.

13. But when you forget your headphones, your whole life is over.
Why gym gods? Why?!

14. As much as you moan, and whine and bitch like a baby about the gym.

15. You are still committed AF and love to hate it.


Sound familiar?

Let me know your love/hate relationship problems with the gym!!





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