From Pool to Cool: My after-swim essentials.

Trying to fit in a swim session after work and before drinks has become a regular thing for me- all the LOL’s at that statement. How middle class and grown up did that make me sound?

It’s not all that glamorous believe me. From spending hours in the office, or in a coffee shop working away, with a few hours to spare before meeting the girls and with all those hot chocolates and treats to burn off a swim is the only way forward that doesn’t make me all red faced and too exhausted for the evening plans. Plus moving around really shakes of those ‘desk-blues’ and gets my body feeling a little bit more used and human again.

But of course- I can’t take my entire beauty contents with me all the way to work and to drinks, so I’ve had to narrow it down to the quick and simple essentials to getting my face and hair looking a little bit more sassy and less drowned rat.

Baby Wipes are known as the devils spawn for all beauty bloggers BUT I’m sorry- they always have been, and always will be a part of my fitness kit. They are light weight to carry, they don’t take up any room and they are simple and quick to use. To easily remove any makeup from the day before jumping in the pool and this boots pack is super gentle on the skin which is a win/win.

I LOVE my La Roche Posay thermal hydrating spray so much that I actually have one in my gym bag, one in my swim bag and one in my bathroom for after long runs. It’s super hydrating, and just gives some love back into the skin when its all hot and puffy from cardio or a little bit dry and dehydrated from the chlorine in the pool. As soon as I jump out the shower after the pool- I spritz a little bit of this on while getting changed. It just gives a little bit of love back into my face and preps it for putting my makeup back on.

swim-4 swim-2

For the hair it has to be- a quick brush through to get rid of any knots, then a towel dry scrunching as I go to create those lustful waves, and then a blast with the hairdryer. In order to give my hair a bit of love and volume back as the pool has a habit of making it extremely flat and dry- I just spritz some Touch of Silver dry shampoo into the roots- then I put my hair up in a messy bun on the top of my hair while I do my makeup. After my makeup is done- I let my hair back down and just ruffle it up a little bit with my fingers. This combination takes hardly any effort at all- the dry shampoo is the perfect uplifting formula, and helps to just create those effortless waves even after its been dunked in the pool.

I always take a snack with me, because food is my favourite hobby- I am completely obsessed with these snact packs at the moment- which are completely natural dried fruit. And it also means that I am less likely to order nachos at the bar.


Now it’s not just after the swim I like to look cool (JK I never look cool) it’s in the pool too- which is why I absolutely adore bright and colourful prints such as this Puma one piece from Simply Swim. It’s double layered to give you that slim line effect, as well as being completely chlorine resistant all while giving you 50+ UV Sun protection in all your delicate areas. Plus its fast drying which means it can be popped back in my swim bag without smelling something nasty by time I get back from the bar.

*Disclaimer: Some of the products featured in this post have been sent to me. But all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.







  1. Amy Rutter

    I love your swimming cossie! Mine is a really boring plain black one and the straps drive my crazy, they’re always getting a bit twisted and often feel like they’re falling down, so I’m constantly paranoid that I’m going to end up topless! I’ll have a look at Simply Swim, thanks 🙂

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