Five lessons I learnt from my first Spin Class.

Spin. Cycle. Indoor biking.

What-ever you want to call it. It is what it is. A hard-core, cardio, butt-kicking (and butt-aching) workout, paired with fast-paced music, a killer vibe and flashing lights and DOM’s by the plenty the day after- not like your usual Sunday bike ride with the fam.

A 30minute sesh can burn up to 300 calories+ through interval changes of body position, pedal sped, resistance and weights all being shouted at you from your instructor as you mimic a real bike ride- hills and all.. It may sound super simple, but its definitely not a ride in the park.

I’ve always been intrigued by spin- I normally do 30minutes on the stationary bike at the gym as part of my normal routine, so it didn’t scare me at all. But I definitely got my ass-kicked this weekend at Another Space which is absolutely fantastic place in providing a unique combination of class-based workouts to get your sweat on too, all synced to the freshest beats for my first ever Cycle Class and learnt a few things in the process.

1- Don’t think it will be EASY.
I’m a regular gym-goer, I know how to use a bike. What could be so hard about a class dedicated to just pedalling? That was my first mistake. I thought it would be easy. And my god was it the complete opposite.

I worked up a sweat.
I struggled to get into a rhythm.
My legs felt tight and sore, and wanted me to give up (Fun Fact: I didn’t!)
I chin-butted the handle-bars on the first rep of body movements.
My foot CAME OUT of my shoe as it stayed attached the pedal and kept going round.

I was a mess. I didn’t prepare myself for just how intense it was going to be.

2- Make sure you are prepared.
And there comes my second mistake.
I didn’t prepare myself for how hard it was going to be, or prepare at all in-fact.

I was running late to the class, so needed a wee- and didn’t have time to go before starting. A half hour spin class with a full bladder? Yeah, not something I would EVER recommend.

I didn’t bring a bottle of water- rookie mistake for ANY class. Luckily my lovely spin buddy Sian next to me allowed me to steal hers every now and again.

I had sat on a train for an hour before the class, and didn’t bother stretching before. I literally made every single human error there was. Don’t do that. Be smart.

3- Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
I had never been to a Cycle class before. I didn’t know you get special, fancy shoes that attach themselves to the pedals- (Unless your foot comes out like mine did- see point 1) and I didn’t know how to attach them. So spent ages trying to do it myself and missed out hearing what the instructor was saying about position names and numbers. Which left me super confused during the beginning reps of the class.

I also didn’t know how to move my seat into the correct position. Which meant more lady part pain and strain.

Don’t be a fool- ask for help.

4- Forget about everyone else, and just listen to your own body.
Now if you have ever been to a work-out class you will know that you will always have those people absolutely smashing their workout with such ease, and you are just falling behind like a sweaty mess- so you try and mimic what they are doing, because obviously they are doing something right, to be doing so well!

But when it comes to Cycle, or actually any class- you need to listen to your own body and get settled into your own routine, and just focus on what you are doing.

I got SO focused in trying to keep up with everyone else, I forgot to listen to my body and focus on hitting my own beats and rhythm.

5- Don’t ever feel like a failure.
Which in turn caused me to feel like a bit of a failure. Because I couldn’t do as much, or as fast, or as good as the other people in the class.

But you just need to remember that everyone was a Newbie once- and it all comes with practice.

I was so head-strong stuck on feeling like a failure, that it stopped me from just having fun and enjoying the class.
It’s easier said than done- but just forget about everyone else, and just go for it, and enjoy it!

I will be doing a full review of my time at Another Space after I have been completely destroyed during their HIIT and Yoga classes too. *sigh- but check out this awesome review by Fitness blogger and all time babe Sian who I dragged with me to take part in CYCLE.


  1. Mollie Millington

    I tell all my first-timers you need to try indoor cycling 5x before you decide if you love it o hate it. The first class, as you experienced, you don’t know what is going on, you are out of breath, etc. The biggest key to success for your first class is to arrive 10-15 minutes early and speak to the instructor. The instructor can help you set up the bike, answers your questions, and explain a bit about how they teach and what key terms mean. I teach Thursday nights in East London 20.30-21.30 if you want to come ride with me x

  2. Sian

    Very wise words, I wish you had told me all of this before I got my butt kicked at Another Space aha!! Another tip.. don’t let your bike go forward and nearly go flying over the top when your trying to impress the instructor 😉

  3. sian

    Very wise words, I wish you had told me all of this before I got my butt kicked at Another Space aha!! Another tip.. don’t let your bike go forward and nearly go flying over the top when your trying to impress the instructor 😉
    Sian xx

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