Exercising at home with the Wondercore

I’ve been so bad at exercising lately. Just using the broken wrist excuse over and over and how I don’t want to head to the gym and only be able to do half my normal routine or head out for a run, for fear of falling over again and breaking another bone or getting my cast super sweaty and gross.

So the only option left is exercising at home, and not just my arms by lifting another pile of nachos into my face.

Luckily I was sent the super easy to use Wondercore Smart from Robert Dyas which has been dubbed the all-encompassing device to help improve general health and fitness from the comfort of your own home. Which it does exactly what it says on the tin. This simple little gadget definitely lives up to all its expectations.

It’s built with clever interlocking springs for adjustable resistance for up to 48lbs so that you can choose the right setting for you and allows you the opportunity to start off easy and grow and learn with it through to the advanced levels as well as a simple to follow set of instructions for 6 different exercises to target your upper, middle and lower abs, legs and arms. A full body workout- in one handy little machine. Plus it comes complete with a quick and easy to follow workout DVD and nutritional guide- sadly no nachos in sight.

You can use the Wondercore to help you do sit-ups, scissor kicks and press-ups (which I definitely need help with!) but also use independently for bicycling, forearm and bicep workouts, ab tucks, and so much more.

I was so dubious when I received the Wondercore as it promises so much for something so small and simple, but you really can see and feel the difference while doing all the different exercises without needing to head to the gym or have additional equipment.

Most of the exercises such as the Bridge, Scissor Kick, Sit=ups and Push-ups can all be done without any equipment at all, but when you are a newbie to exercising, or injured it helps to have a little bit of extra help. My mum loves using this too as it means she can squeeze in a quick workout and reap the benefits of having a little bit of help without needing assistance.

My favourite to do is the bicycle while watching TV- 21st century multi-tasking at its greatest haha.

If, like me you can’t always head to the gym or need a little bit of extra help but still want to invest in something that is easy to use, but still super beneficial for all over- then I would highly recommend a Wondercore. Its £79.99 and also comes in pink!!

**Wondercore sent me the product to review, but all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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