Shit – I’m 25… now what?!

I’m not going to lie, I was absolutely dreading turning 25. I’ve barely got my life together as it is, and now I’m considered a full-blown adult*… like what?!

Being so far away from where you thought you would be 10 years ago is pretty difficult. I always knew what path I wanted to go down, and I always had this dream that I wanted to fulfil and seriously thought that I would get there… and I got SO close – but I didn’t account for the obstacles that would get in my way. And now I’m turning 25 and I’ve just entered a brand-new career path, that is so far away from what I ever thought possible. I have barely enough savings, I’ve moved back home and I still get my Mum to phone the doctors for me – it’s pretty clear that this girl is not ready to be a quarter of a decade.

The weeks leading up to the D-day were terrifying. Made even worse from the series of unfortunate and heart-breaking events that led up to that day; including losing my childhood pup who I love and miss dearly. Put on-top of that an injury that has lasted over 7 weeks and caused me to lose 70% use of my right hand, and Mumma’s impending back operation and you can understand why I wasn’t ready to celebrate.

The last few years haven’t been the easiest, I’ve had 8 operations in the last 8 years, and looking likely that this year will be the 9th. I’ve been depressed, I’ve been angry, I’ve been hysterically crying into my pillow, and I was petrified that this year would be exactly the same as the last 8, and I wasn’t ready for that to be the case, and to ruin another year of my life.

But something happened when I woke up. I felt renewed. Like I was given a second chance, or a kick up the ass to get my own ass into gear. I felt excited, and happy and ready for anything. This new wave of positivity had sprung over me, and I am not going to waste it! I’m an adult now – it’s time to start acting like one. It’s time to look after myself, it’s time to make time for friends and family, it’s time to drink my water and do my squats and look after my skin. It’s time to say yes to new chances, and challenges, to take the good with the bad and understand how to be happy. It’s time to read more books, travel to more places, eat more food and laugh more often. It’s time to cry when I need too, smile at more people and make the next 25 years the best I can.

Bad things happen. They are always going too – but it’s how you deal with them and your ability to pick yourself up, shake yourself off and move on. Something I was unable to do before. And even if my positive mindset is coming from telling myself that ‘I’m an adult now’ is just a placebo effect, I’m completely okay with that. We all need something to spark that energy, and this is mine.

So yes, shit – I’m now 25, and I have zero clue what is going to happen in the future. But I do know that I’m going to make however many years I have left, the best ones I can and I’m ready to go..


*According to a new report that came out in 2018 on Metro.

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