There’s nothing I love more than a sweet, gooey, chocolate hazelnut mousse. That light airy texture paired with the delicious tongue-satisfying combination of decadent chocolate and earthy hazelnuts just makes me feel all kinds of happy.

Last week, while creating my aquafaba (chickpea liquid) meringues, I was left with a small bowl of mixture and being the zero food waste queen I am and not wanting to throw away the ingenious concoction I decided to whip up a quick chocolate hazelnut mousse that resembles that of a soft Ferrero Rocher in a glass – in the best and most delicious way.

So get to whippin’ and get to spoon dippin’ in this Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse – a quick, simple, vegan, gluten-free mousse that is sure to satisfy the whole family (if you are kind enough to share that is)

Makes: 2 Mousses 
Time to Make: 5 minutes (pre-made meringe/20 minutes without), plus setting. 

4 heaped teaspoons of my Chickpea Meringue (before baking)
2 heaped tbsp on Sweet Freedom ChocShot or any other Chocolate Spread/ Melted Chocolate (25g)
Crushed Hazelnuts
Cacao Nibs (optional)


Place your meringue mixture into a small bowl along with your melted chocolate of choice.

Carefully fold the mixtures together, by cutting the mixture with your spoon and ‘folding’ it on top of the mixture, then turning the bowl by 1/3rd and doing the same again – do not whisk or stir this needs to be a light movement to ensure no air is knocked out.

Once the mixture is fully combined, divide and spoon into glasses.

Top with crushed hazelnuts and cacao nibs if using and pop in the fridge for 4hours or overnight to set.

and Enjoy!




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