Okay, okay – bear with me on this one. Yes, the title says chickpea desserts, but I promise you I have not gone crazy… mostly.

One of my lovely readers on Instagram challenged me to create a Vegan Dessert and not wanting to back away from a challenge, even though vegan baking is something that I do not have much experience in I set to researching different alternative’s to the ingredients I was so used to using within my bakes and I came across chickpeas as an alternative for eggs, butter, milk and cream in a variety of different dishes.

The one that intrigued me the most, was through the use of aquafaba – the chickpea liquid, that I am used to just draining away but found that it can be used as a replacement for egg whites in mousses, meringues, mayonnaise and more. I am still shocked that it not only works but also creates the lightest, airiest and super delicious texture that is so enjoyable to eat – which I used in both my Chickpea Meringue Kisses and Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse recipes.

With the discarded chickpeas I created a quick, blender Chickpea Cookie Dough that is probably even better than the real thing.

From one can of chickpeas, which is always a staple in my cupboard I managed to create 3 delicious, unique and simple Vegan desserts without the need to pop to the shops. A handy trick to have in your repertoire when that sweet tooth craving kicks in.

What unique/basic ingredient would you like to see me create a selection of 3 recipes with next?


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