A few weeks ago a super exciting (to quote Vix Meldrew) email landed in my inbox, inviting me to attend the Spa Experience at Islington to review one of their treatments, as I was due an operation a few days later I thought it was the perfect time to sit, rest, relax and have a little bit of well deserved me-time before the stress of the operation and my impending travels for work the month after.

I had never heard of The Spa Experience before, but was very impressed with the choice of their treatments and found it very hard to choose just one that I wanted to try – but finally settled on their Gold Turkish Delight treatment. A 70 minute treatment that includes a full body scrub, full body enveloping massage and a 9ct gold facial as well as being able to spend up to two hours in their thermal spa which includes different hot and cold rooms, and a releaxtion room – something all treatments include as an added extra, and made the whole experience elevated to a whole new level.

I decided to go early to relax before my massage as I needed to head out after and didn’t want to have to rush around and ruin the whole experience and it was absoultely the best choice as the masseuaer was running late (who did appologise profusesly – and I was completely chill in the relaxtation room, so didn’t mind at all!)

After arriving at the beautiful spa house in Islington I was quickly booked in, handed my flip-flops, robe and towel and shown to the locker rooms, where I slipped off my work clothes and into the fluffy gown ready to get my relax on. 

I decided to follow the reccommendations on the website that says to go hot, cold, hot, relax and repeat so quickly slipped into a sauana room, flipped the egg timer and got my sweat on – followed by a quick dip in the plunge pool and then into a mint and eucaplytus steam room. 

The mixture between hot and cold is said to help you destress, relieve aches, pains and stiff joints, relax your muscles, detox your skin and aid respiration and blood flow and the Islington building contained a combination of different treatements to alievate aching joints and to really sweat out all the outside stress and grime away. 

Situated at the front of the Thermal Spa Experience was the Hammam seating area which is the perfect introduction to the thermal spa experience with three seperate rooms ranging from mild to hot heat and is the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy inbetween experencies. Their dry heat Saunas reach a temperature of 90 degrees C and really do get you feeling that sweat dripping down your face, which is exactly what it is designed to do, in order to cleanse the body of impurities – but do avoid the joining nails (THEY CAN GET HOT ON THE THIGHS!)

The plunge pool and ice fountains are two of the cold experiences available – which help to stimulate circulation on the body and help to improve cardovasicaular health and are are very welcome feeling after the hot of the saunas and steam rooms.

The monsoon shower was also one of my most interesting experiences, something I have never done before – there are three settings as you stand in the circular hole in the room ranging from a warm tropical downpour to a cool Scoth rain mist. Quite boring, but equally stimulating. 

After the two hours dipping in between the hot and cold sessions, having a relaxing break (and small snooze) with a refreshing fruit infused water in the relaxation lounge it was time for the massage and my body was so ready and relaxed for it.

Introduced to the wonderful young lady who, after, I stripped down, covered my entire body in a black salt rub and various oils, before using the scrub mitt to rid the body of any access skin – leaving it soft and supple and improving blood circulation. Before popping me in the massage room and giving me the most relaxing back and leg massage I have ever recieved. Followed by a 9ct gold facial and neck and head massage which left my skin feeling fresh, plump and  moisturised. 

It had been a long time since I had the opportunity to take a complete afternoon off and do something completely for myself and really benefited from being away from my phone and putting my body through moments of stillness and challenging it through the different elelments. I felt more energised, more relaxed and definitely less tensed and stressed than when I walked in. 

The massage, scrub and facial gave some life back into my tired body and left it glowing. 

I have already booked my next visit to The Spa Experience in Islington after a wondeful visit. The staff were super lovely, helpful and informative and the extensive range of experiences they had to offer were incredible. You are left at your own pace to do as you please, and the other guests are respectful and quiet – you barely notice they are there as you really let your mind empty and wander. 

It’s the small things that matter the most to our wellbeing sometimes and for the small cost of £60 for a 4hour day is something worth investing in. 

*I was invited to The Spa Experience free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. The photos are all property of The Spa Experience as I really wanted to benefit from being away from my phone, so didn’t take it into the rooms with me. 

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