Who should you be following this month?

the foodie world is always full of fun, exciting and INNOVATIVE people, companies and brands.. this is who I'm  following, listening and watching this month. 



check out her:
bbq sweetcorn tacos

Bettina Campolucci Bordi is the mastermind behind Bettina's Kitchen - you may know her from such classics as "Happy Food" but her recently launched book "The 7 Day Vegan Challenge" is re-writing the rule book on vegan food. Bettina is known for her easily adaptable, quick, simple and waste-free meals and her take on a vegan challenge is one we could all achieve. 


sugar rush

Sugar Rush is the perfect combination for those with a sweet tooth that have a little competitive edge. The show, which is hosted by Hunter March features judges Candace Nelson of Sprinkles Cupcake and Adriano Zumbo (hello massive girl crush) and a surprise celebrity guest judge as they challenge four sets of two bakers to create cupcakes, confectionary and an ultimate show stopper cake as they race against the clock, and each other in the bid to win $10,000. 

Expect clever combos, messy kitchens and a whole lot of flirting. 



A podcast that serves up a giant plate of foodie history with a heaping serving of food science - where can I sign up? 

The podcast hosted by Cynthia Graber, a print and radio journalist and Nicola Twilley, food blogger and New Yorker journalist and combines exciting new areas of food you may have never thought to think about. 

Each episode explores the hidden history and the surprising science behind a different food topic, from the diverse past of the humble spoon to insect guts. Get stuck in and ask for a double helping as you are sure to be as hooked as I am.