Who should you be following this month?

the foodie world is always full of fun, exciting and INNOVATIVE people, companies and brands.. this is who I'm  following, listening and watching this month. 



Niki Webster is the mastermind behind Rebel Recipes - a non-conforming blog featuring delicious, simple and wholesome vegan recipes inspired by her travels across the Middle Eastern. 


the chef's line

The Chef's Line, Netflix is an Australian cooking contest hosted by food writer and Travel Safari creator Maeve o'Meara, Melissa Leong, Mark Olive and Dan Hong that see's four home cooks take on a restaurant's chef line in a battle of the cuisines.

The Chef's Line is the ultimate binge-worthy series with five episodes in each cuisine and packed full of incredible facts and flavour combinations across multiple cuisines.  


feast your ears

The Sorted Food YouTube Channel has made its splash in the podcast world, well and truly. The group of lads, from London who create content based around the newest in the world of food release a brand-new podcast every week based around a specific theme or topic. 

Listen in as four of the line-up sit down to chat, discuss and laugh at each other all while discussing something new, interesting or unique in the food world and with 6 seasons to get through you'll never be far away from a giggle and an inappropriate innuendo. 

Be warned - this will make you laugh out loud, most likely on public transport; only available to Sorted Club Food Members (which I highly recommend joining)